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Guest blogging is one of the efficient ways to gain online reputation and authority to a website especially if the author gives very unique and useful information to its readers.

If you would like to contribute a post to this website, there are important guidelines that should be followed in order to maintain the originality and quality of this blog and these rules are:
  • Unique content – As we all know, duplicate content can negatively hurt and damage a website’s performance in search engines. So it’s important that you submit a 100% fresh and new content when submitting your post.
  • Word count – I keep this blog updated with 600-700 word count length to provide enough information and to avoid thin content. I recommend you to write content with similar word count as this blog produces.
  • Relevancy – Each guest posts should be only related to SEO (link building) Branding and blogging.
  • Images – You can use images with no footprints, copyrighted issue and not controversial.
  • Links – You can include you a link in content section but should not be affiliated links, corporate website and must be included in the post naturally.
  • Author’s bio – You can add a link in this section but should not be promotional or recommendation bio. It must be a brief introduction of the author about the website or introduction of himself.
If you feel confident in your written guest post, send me an email at sef.e.gojocruz (at)

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