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Occupying an SEO position is not easy, managing the ranking of your page, or pages, takes a lot of time and every day there are many more options and strategies to position pages and improve the traffic of your site. These gain value through visits. Google gives a rank according to algorithms that get better and more complicated with time. It is not enough to leave links to your page everywhere and every time. It may actually hurt the traffic of your page if your backlink techniques are not adequate.
Here you have some tips to successfully create backlinks to your page so that your positioning improves:
1. Try guest blogging
Let's say that you have a page on DIY crafts and there is also a group in your town, or a group you know, with the same interests and blogging about the same topic. You could write a post for them so that they have an original contribution to their page and when you do, you link that page to your own blog. It is a win-win situation since you are contributing to their content and also creating a positive backlink to your page. Just be careful, your article must be genuine and relevant, Google pays a lot of attention to spam through guest blogging.  
2. Use skyscraper technique
By using this technique, the traffic to your site will definitively improve in very short time. Creating quality content is always important. But, how are people going to find out about your awesome content if you are not visible? The skyscraper technique will help you with this. Three simple steps: Find pages that are valuable and take a look at their high-quality content, make something better and reach the right people with it. These people may have a similar site to yours, or maybe they are interested in your topic. Once you contact them and offer your improved content, ask them to link your page to theirs. These backlinks will surely give you some worthy visits.
3. Try Video Marketing
YouTube is one of the pages with the highest rank on the internet. When you start blogging, leaving some links to your page on the comment section of any video is not the most efficient backlink. The best would be to choose from your content the one that has the best performance and create a video about it. Make your video appealing and leave a link to your site on the description of the video. Invite your viewers to check the link for more content and start getting those views.

4. Build backlinks with infographics
Infographics are super popular nowadays, and they go viral very often. If you create your own infographics, make sure they have a great design and show useful information. Designs can go from cartoons to black and white patterns, it will always depend on the topic you are dealing with and the audience you want to reach. Make sure to promote your infographics because unless you are already famous and your site overflows with traffic, the fact of just posting it won't do any good. Be sure to use all your social media resources to spread your infographic as far as you can.
5. Reach out and get your link
This may be one of the most effective ways to get backlinks and at the same time one of the most underestimated strategies. Reaching out the right people and asking them to link to your page. People think this is not going to work; they think the proposal is going to be rejected. But, you will be surprised at how many people are willing to give you a hand and share your page. Again, be careful not to spam them, it has to be an organic job. Find people who have already mentioned you but haven´t linked to your page and ask them to do it. The results will surprise you.
6. Add long-form content to your site

Blog posts are great for keeping your posting schedule and delivering content at the right time for your campaign. However, long-form content adds extra value to the services and information you are offering to your visitors. It will give more online visibility and more material for community engagement. Creating a How-to Guide and promoting it on Facebook will give you hundreds of clicks and since these clicks are coming from a high-value page, your site will match Google´s algorithm and will show in the upper results.

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