SEO WIX Challenge: 10 Participants To Watch Out For

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SEO professionals worldwide are competing for the Wix SEO Hero Contest. is a cloud-based platform that has been creating websites for individuals and businesses for two decades. What is the challenge? For a  $50,000 prize, everyone is invited to create their own website or any platform to compete with a new Wix website optimized for the keyword “SEO Hero.” The competition runs for four months, and the website that ranks the highest shall bring home the bacon.

Let’s take a look at the 10 Wix SEO Hero participants and what they’ve been up to.

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This SEO Hero participant is responding to a humanitarian crisis and has pledged to give the entire $50,000 prize to Karam Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides aid to Syrian refugees. The website features stories of SEO professionals giving back to society through heroic deeds. Its website serves as a venue where SEO professionals can share their aspirations beyond analytics, business models, and profit. “As SEO professionals, we help businesses be seen and flourish. This time around, we get to lend society a hand in an even bigger way.” While most competitors focus on the technicalities of SEO, highlights heroic SEO experts. promises to donate 100% of the cash prize to the Cancer Research Institute. This SEO Hero participant is motivated to support a cause that fights cancer, which recently took a family member’s life. provides updates on SEO Hero competitor rankings with a comment whether certain webpages are eligible for the contest. The website also includes a separate page about SEO Hero participants, contents, and whether the sites have been redirected to another page.  There are also news from Wix, other participants, and entries that dropped out of the contest either purposely or through disqualification.

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay provides information on SEO, some tips, and news on search engines. It defines SEO Hero as one embodying the following characteristics: curios, continuously learning, considerate, lateral thinker, and has a lively mind. “He or she is an open minded and curious person, a perfectionist with passion for the Internet that loves the challenge with other people or, in this case, websites.” posts blog entries on SEO myths, best practices, and other topics pertinent to website ranking and online searches. Moreover, it offers free tutorials that can come in handy to non-SEO experts. focuses on how SEO professionals are changing the world inside and outside their offices. It vowed to donate 100% of the cash prize to Human Rights Watch, a charity that defend human rights in 90 countries worldwide. encourages visitors to share stories about their SEO Heroes or Heroines, and how such persons help uplift the industry and make the world a better place. “Let’s show off our amazing industry.”

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Why did join the SEO Hero contest? “I probably have too much time on my hands and I love challenges,” he/she says. Nevertheless, the people behind this website  promise to donate half of the cash prize to a charity. The website provides personal insights on Wix’s purpose in running the contest, the odds of winning against Wix, and why the SEO Hero is “going to be a fair competition.” provides a comprehensive guide on how to the win the SEO Hero contest. “As the winner of the German SEO Contest 2015, I will share my experience and knowledge to all SEOs taking part in the current WiX SEO Challenge,” says Kai Spriestersbach. Many SEO Hero contest participants believe that that is among those with a good chance of bagging the $50,000 prize. The website offers live rankings of top competitors and comments on their eligibility. It also shares features best practices in winning SEO challenges.

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Wix’s official entry to the competition is, which has been redirected to The website is handsomely designed with caricatures of superheroes such as Evergreen who has the power to generate quality content, Sitemaps who helps search engines to understand a website’s structure, and Nightproxer who can teleport to any location to test a local search. has page for SEO tips, a quiz to test the “kind of SEO Hero you’d be,” and a blog on everything about SEO. is a one-stop shop for SEO Hero contest participants. Its concept focuses on how to win the challenge using tested techniques, including steps on how it landed on the first page on SEO Hero, how to improve website speed, and a quick ranking of all participants. The website may need proofreading, but it does provide useful information both for competitors and SEO enthusiasts.

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The people behind introduce themselves as the “superheroes of the Internet world.” “We will make you a cocktail of Internet greatness that is both shaken and stirred so you will be highly visible on the main Internet search engines, social media and you will have traffic flowing through to your domain,” the websites introduction reads. markets its services including SEO, keyword analysis, and Internet marketing. The website also includes a short video discussing how it will win the Wix SEO Hero challenge. poses a question on its main page: Which SEO hero are you? The website was made for the competition (of course) and as a “fun little side-project”. Its main content is a hero personality quiz consisting of 16 questions that cover random topics from SEO expertise to favorite sport. pledges 10% of the net winnings to three charities: Harvesters, Halo Worldwide and KC Pet Project. The charities shall receive donations based on the votes they receive from site visitors.

Since the start of the competition, hundreds have signed up and tens have dropped out. A number of them are constantly taken out of the list for failing meet the requirements. Will someone beat Wix, an SEO veteran that has serviced clients in 90 countries? If someone does, will it benefit Wix or hurt its reputation? $50,000 is a huge amount that can help an aspiring SEO professional or a charitable institution. More than the cash prize, winning the SEO Hero challenge is a boost to the winning website, and for its teams’ ego and portfolio.


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