6 Types of Links That Work and How You Can Get Them

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In search engine optimization, links still contribute a valuable signal to websites whether they should be ranked in organic search or not. Website still need links to build authority and to drive new traffic to a website. Although it was announced by John Mueller that webmasters should not build links, this does not mean that we should totally put an end to it. However, it’s just a matter of improving the approach how we get those links, not just spamming them.

Web pages are connected from one page to another through link and if we put an end to it, how will new pages be connected to other websites? It’s just not possible at the current state of our internet setup but who knows, this could become possible sometime in the future. Anyway, in the modern link building approach, we need to have a different mindset when we build links, we need to make sure that all the links we build in the future will have a significant impact to our website in the long run, otherwise, Google will use these links to penalize the websites we do SEO for. 

In this article, I’ll share with you what types of links that could work for your website and how you can get them. Remember, there are few reasons why you are building links, traffic, exposure, authority and rankings.

Interview links

Interview links will always be useful to any websites, new or old ones. This helps discover new traffic and can increase referral traffic to a website which makes it a good channel for acquiring targeted audience. Interviews can also help increase your exposure and authority in your industry that can send positive signal to search engines which can have significant impact to your search rankings.

You can also increase your indexed pages from various websites for your expert name or brand name so when someone search for you or your brand online (entity search), search users will definitely see your interviews in the results and obviously good for online reputation management.

Take a quick look when you search for "Interview with Venchito Tampon" in Google SERPs.

Tips to get interview links:
  • Share new information to the table in your industry and make sure you become an expert in this field.
  • Write for various top natch websites in your industry frequently to increase your visibility to that channel.
  • Send email to experts in your industry who conduct interviews with thought leaders and experts for interview request.

Benefits of interview links:
  • It can give you naturally given links to your website with your brand name as anchor text.
  • This an help you diversify your link profile from various link sources.
  • You can increase your online exposure in your industry which can help you expand your audience reach.

Editorial/Earned Links 

Editorial link is type of quality link which can be really hard to earn. Knowing that this type of link is quite very powerful and highly recognize by search engines as naturally given links, the importance of earned links can benefit a website in the long run in terms of traffic, ranking ability and even exposure.

The good thing about editorial links is you don’t have to go out there and look for link opportunities for your website, these links are willingly be given to you by webmasters which can help pass authority to your website that can help in ranking.

Tips to get editorial links:
  • Create link worthy content on your website that people in your industry will likely to talk about such as case studies.
  • Create a list of resources for your industry where your audience can always use as reference such as list of how-tos articles or even just glossary of terms.
  • Produce content like survey where people in your industry can take part in and credit them when you publish the post.

The key to earn editorial links is you need to produce something to the table that was never produced before by anyone in your industry or an improved an updated information on certain topic which was covered before by someone in your industry. 

Benefits of editorial links:
  • This can help you drive constant targeted traffic to your website in a continuous basis.
  • This can help you improve your website’s search performance in your industry.
  • You can increase relevant links to your website.

Social links

If you want to have easy to obtain type of link but can have tremendous impact to a website, links from social media is definitely the one you need. Social media links help a lot a web page to attract wider range of audience in a specific period of time and can also make a web page increase its audience reach. Essentially, this could have an indirect impact to the website in terms of rankings and significant impact in terms of traffic that your business will enjoy.

Although social media links alone can’t help your website outperform your competitors in organic search, this can still help your website have positive signals which search engines won’t be able to ignore. But you need to keep in mind that in order to have successful social media links, you need to have the strong and right social followers so that all your social share will only be shared to your kind of audience.

Tips to get social media links:
  • Add social sharing buttons on your website particularly on your article or blog posts.
  • Share valuable information to your audience that they can’t resist to share
  • Encourage your audience to share your content to their social connections

Benefits of social media links:
  • This can help your posts to get viral and increase your audience reach.
  • You can drive more targeted traffic to your website through social share of your connections.
  • This can bring more potential followers to your social pages which can be your potential alliances in social media sharing.

Resource pages links

One useful and beneficial type of link that you should have for your website is the resource pages link. This can give you links for long term benefits in terms of ranking and traffic purposes that you can take advantage of for your website. Moreover, resource pages links can help you have a connection with websites in your industry through email conversation when you reach out to them requesting for link inclusion to their resource page.

By having links from resource pages on websites in your industry, this could signify trust between you and other websites because you are being referred by them just by including your link on their resource page. This significant signal is very important for users and search engines as they can see relationships between other websites.

Tips to get resource page links:
  • Provide tools in your industry where your audience will likely to use constantly.
  • Contact webmasters in your industry who have already listed similar websites in your industry.

Benefits of resource pages links:
  • You can pass link authority from other websites to your website.
  • You can drive relevant traffic and relevant links to your website.
  • You establish good relationships with webmasters in your industry which can expand your connections

Newsletter links

If you are looking to constantly increase new traffic and returning traffic to your website, definitely using newsletter campaign is vitally important. While newsletter links have no direct impact to organic rankings, it has a significant impact in referral traffic to your website. 

Tip in getting news letter links:

  • Contribute content to other websites in your industry that have newsletter campaigns.

Benefit of newsletter links:

  • You can attract more traffic to your website through your contributed article on related websites in your industry that have this type of campaign.

Voting site links

Similar to newsletter links, you can also constantly drive targeted and new traffic to a website through voting sites in your industry. Knowing the voting sites are always visited by people in your industry, the amount of targeted traffic to your website can be really important for few crucial reasons:
  • These new traffic to your website can lead to further promotional campaign like social share.
  • Linkers in your industry can discover your website and may find it link worthy content which can even more expand the audience reach.

Although you can’t always monetize your website through traffic voting sites because what you share in voting sites is information focused and not product or services of your business. But the good thing about voting sites is you can attract even influencers and experts in your industry to visit your website. 

Tips to get voting site links:

  • Write link and share worthy content where your industry can find unique and valuable.
  • Contact people in your industry who have an account on your target voting sites and request to up-vote your content.
  • Do it yourself, moderately.

Benefits of links from voting sites:
  • You can drive constant click through traffic to your sites from very relevant traffic source related to your industry.
  • You can attract first time visitors to your site which can become your loyal visitors.


Knowing what types of link that matter for your website is really crucial. You don’t want to waste your time doing link building campaign and yet you’re not even sure if those links you build will work or just risking your website’s reputation in search engines. If you really want to succeed in link building, identify what sort of links you really and to scale your campaign, measure your efforts and save your valuable time so you can do other works related to your online marketing campaign.