Link Building Ideas for New Websites

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New websites need to be promoted. They need exposure, presence, and strong alliance with other websites through links and of course with their target audience. If you just launched a new website or blog, you are probably wondering what are the possible ways you can perform to help your website be found and discovered by your target audience and hope to eventually become visible in search engines.

You may be wondering of using various approach in digital marketing such as paid advertising, press release or even email marketing just to build your awareness. Although, those are tied for short term results, it's better to be doing something than nothing at all, right? But if you are thinking of long term results, probably link building is best for you.

Why link building is best for brand new websites?

  • It can help the new website become visible on other industry related websites or blog with high monthly traffic.
  • Can help the new website earn inbound links from quality and relevant websites.
  • Opens an opportunity to the brand new website attract targeted audience.
  • Link building helps the website get indexed fast by search engines.
Link building can be done in several ways but in this article, the focus of this link building ideas is for newly launched websites. Let's get started.

Since link building can be done with use content and no use of content, so i just thought it is a good idea to divide the ideas by tactic.

Link building with no content

I’m sure you're hands are itchy to build links to your website but don't get too excited and build massive links pointing to your site. That’s not very good and you will just waste your time because that will never last and you don’t like that, do you? Link building with no use of content sounds like low quality link building but it’s really not. Imagine a directory listing created on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare etc., ranking for your target keywords? Read the discussion on MOZ for reference.

The truth is, link building is hard - especially if you are aiming to get useful links. Useful in terms of traffic acquisition or just for organic ranking - that’s why link quantity don’t matter if they are in low quality. In this section, I’ll share some tips how to build links with no content.

Niche directory listings

If you just launched a new website or blog, probably it has not been submitted to any directory sites. It may probably be not as quality as .edu links but it is highly important that newly launched websites are to be submitted to directory listings for several reasons:

  • Customers still use directory listings to find establishments nearby ie: Pizza Store
  • Customers use directory listings to leave their feedback/testimonials whether good or bad (Think of Yelp or Google for Business)
  • This increases the chances of your website be seen by your target audience.
While you can get good results on main directory websites, you can't ignore the link opportunities in niche directory listings.

You can't just also go full blast with directory links as your link profile won't look natural - imagine your site successfully submitted to 100 directory sites within a day? That's too much and will trigger a suspicious link acquisition method. So do not abuse the opportunity to build links on niche directory sites. 

But by following some tips below might guide you to the right path:

  • Use your brand name at all times - This can help increase brand signals pointing to your site.
  • Avoid keyword match anchor text - You need to diversify your link anchor text profile.
  • Use consistent NAP - For better user information to avoid confusion.
  • Use high DA directory sites  - Focusing on quality sites can help your new website perform better in search engines particularly in local search.
  • Don't just link build on auto-approved directories
I'll show you an example of how you can find a good niche directory. 

Assuming that you are in gaming industry and you just launched your site. So probably, you are looking for opportunities you can get for your website. 

To get started, I will use DMOZ to find a good quality directory. So go ahead to and click on reference.

Once you're in, go head over to directories category to see a bunch of directories waiting for you to use them.

Then next is to find your industry and select the directories you can use for your niche directory submission.

Some other categories will bring you straight to their listings but some may even have more categories but that is a good opportunity though, the more the better.

Looking on the Apex Web Gaming, looks like a good site for online and downloadable games.

Site quality metrics look good to.

There you have it. A list of high quality niche directory sites using DMOZ alone. :)

So if you are in a gaming industry, don't let this pass!

You might use some information below useful in your directory link building campaign:

Directory link building - Venchito Tampon

Broken Links Replacement

This approach is highly different in niche directory listing as it requires outreach and personalized approach with webmasters or blog owners but broken links is another good method to build links for new websites. While this practice can also be used by old websites, utilizing this approach for new websites still make sense. 

The concept in finding link opportunity on broken link building for new website is simply listed below:

  1. Find authority and relevant resource pages in your industry.
  2. Take a look at the links on resource pages you will find.
  3. Create a list of broken links and gather necessary information of site owner or webmaster ie:email
  4. Let the site owner or webmaster know the issue and recommend some fixes.
The approach is really simple but it is one of a kind and gold mine tactic. Imagine when you find a resource page with broken links? Put that broken link in your back link checker tool to get you excited - I saw this approach by Brian Dean of Backlinko on his SEO techniques.

What's so good in broken link building tactic?

  • You get to communicate directly with other site owner or webmasters in your industry online.
  • You can definitely discover high quality, powerful and relevant links at scale.
  • You can discover other websites in your industry linking to resource pages you are targeting which is an open door opportunity to look into their links.
  • More importantly, you get to help webmasters identify current issues on their website.
For more information about broken link building, visit the follow posts below from other resources:

Identify, Analyze, Replicate your competitors' links

For newly launched websites, analyzing the link profile of their competitors is always worth doing. This can give you insights of how competitive and strong their link profile are, how much link building effort you should spend to compete with their link profile, what sort of links do you actually need to compete?

So without having information on link profile of your competitors, you may not be able to thoroughly compete who you are up against with in terms of link profile quality. You need to know what sort of link profile they have, do they get their links from Edu sites? Gov sites? News sites etc.

This tactic is also a good source where you can find potential link opportunities you can replicate to your website. So this one is absolutely important for new websites.

The concept for  looking link opportunities on your competitors data simply like this:

  • Look for top ranking websites on Google + your location using your main keywords in SERPs and list the results at least top 3-5 in excel sheet.
  • Pull the link profile data of each website you discovered ranking at #1, #.2 ,#3 etc in organic search.
  • Organize the data by Domain Authority from highest to lowest then delete the sites with low DA.
  • Categorize their link profile data by channel (Forum, Blog Comment, Guest Post, Directory etc.)
  • Figure out which one you can replicate without content ie. - Is it directory listing, sponsored links, resource page links etc.
Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is pretty obvious. You don’t need to have any content to build links because the content are out there and waiting to be read and talked about. All you have to do is find the perfect blog related in your industry and become a well recognize in the community.  Eventually, once you build your reputation on your target blogs through your insightful contribution to the community, you may find it easier for you to generate links to your website.

If you’re adding blog commenting as part of your link building activities, here are some blog commenting tips:

  • Don’t spam the thread with your thank you response.
  • Spend time reading the articles and comment thread to get you in the loop.
  • Don’t waste your time creating exact match hyper link in your comment.
  • Stay within your focus expertise - Stay in your industry
  • Use your name, seriously.
How to find related blogs to comment on? try these search filter queries:

Intitle:keyword + “write a comment”
In post “this is a guest post by” + “write a comment”

You think you have had enough? This isn’t over yet. You've seen above some tips how you can build links with no content, right now I'm going to share with you how you can build with your content.

Link building with content

I assume you probably have been doing content development on your website and probably not sure if you are getting the most out of your content. That's normal. For new websites, who have few content to use and promote this section is for you. 

Link building with content will be quite different with link building with no content as you will initially use your content as an asset or front line when building links to your website. Your content will be the key player in this method and if your content sucks, your campaign will be sucks too, - that’s why you need to be sure of the quality, uniqueness and vale of your content before you build links through it.

Community discussion

Users who participate in community discussions are often in need of information. Information that aren’t just too easy to find over the web because it’s more like a professional knowledge and personal thought of information combined when people tend to answer the questions. For newly launched websites looking to build inbound links and yet at the same time, engaging with for targeted audience, this one might be good for you.

The concept here is just really basic - You just need to find the right place for your content to be read:

  • Look for community groups in your industry that are related to your expertise (SEO, PPC, Social Etc.)
  • Take part in every thread that are related to your expertise.
  • Make recommendations of your content as a source of information in your participation.
  • Refer other resources as well and don’t just focus on yours.
Types of discussions you can take part in are the following:

  • Question and Answer (Q&A)
  • Forum discussions
  • Blog commenting
  • Social discussions (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
Guest Blogging

One of the common ways in building links through content is by doing guest blogging.  If you just launched a website, probably your visibility isn’t established yet and you are looking for opportunities where you can find your target audience and drive them to your website. Guest blogging can help you expand your audience reach on highly reputed blogs in your industry so you can really benefit from this approach not only in links but also traffic.

The process in guest blogging is really easy. All you need to do is just follow the following:

  • Find reputable blog in your industry that have high amount of traffic every month.
  • Check the categories and articles to see what sort of content being published on your target blogs.
  • Participate in discussions via comments or interact with the authors/owners via social media.
  • One you build a relationship with the audience and webmasters of your target blogs send them an email inquiry for guest blogging request.
  • If you don’t get a response in a week or two, send a follow up email for the last time.
The good thing about guest blogging is you can start building your trust and authority from related sites and you can get into the radar of influencers in your industry.

Linker outreach

This tactic has become really popular in the link development space, discovered and initiated by Jason Acidre on his blog - This tactic is also able to help you make a relationship with other people in your industry who share content related to your industry. Since you just launched your website and probably exploring link opportunities, using this strategy with your high quality content as recommendation to linkers in your industry who may be interested to share your content is definitely a good start.

The concept in linker outreach campaign is very similar to other outreach campaign:

  • Find people in your industry who naturally share content from other websites or blogs in your industry.
  • Collect their online information ie: email, social pages, websites/blogs
  • Connect with their social profile
  • Send them an email offering your content
To get better results in this tactic, make sure that your content definitely adds value and has something to offer in your industry. Otherwise, you may not get high response rate in your outreach campaign so you just don’t email and suggest your link. At least, stress the reason why you they should like to you.