The Real Purpose of Comment Marketing

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With an unstable and unpredictable industry like Search Engine Optimization, the one what we are in, helping our clients' websites to rank in Google for their target keywords may not be valuable as it used to be. Undoubtedly, being number one in organic search results can help a website improve its business performance, increase traffic and hopefully sales but that’s not all there is to it. 

Search Engine Optimization don't only focus on keyword ranking, don't only focus on building links and more importantly, don't only focus on driving traffic. Those metrics give no benefits to any business if they don't do the actions you wish your target audience to do which is conversion. So at the end of the day, results still what really matters. 

While there are so many strategies out there that can give you better results such as, video marketing and SEM, there is one tactic that can get better results too but with inexpensive marketing budget, and this is comment marketing. 

Although the tactic was hardly used to create optimized link and anchor text profile and many have said that comment marketing no longer works, they are all dead wrong. Comment marketing still rocks and can still give you better results - if you know how to do it right. In this article, I'll show you how you can benefit from comment marketing so let's get started.

Blog Commenting for Branding

Yes, you read it right. Comment marketing can be used for branding purposes. This may be unnoticed by people who want to increase their keyword rankings and optimize their link profile by using their target keyword as a name pointing to external link - their website. But comment marketing is not for keyword targeting nor a source of links, commenting is far more than that. 

Blog commenting is for engagement, knowledge sharing and conversation medium for authors and readers. Thus, as a reader and participant in a conversation, adding value to the thread is something REALLY important. By representing your brand, commenting on behalf of it, you may be able to enhance your brand awareness and audience reach of your business to share your knowledge to people in your industry that may help increase your brand's trust factor -  which is one of the main goal in digital marketing, right?

Blog Commenting for Traffic

Hell yeah! Blog commenting can be good for qualified traffic source too. Instead of focusing on building links through blog comments using your optimized anchor text, use blog commenting as a good source of referring traffic. Traffic that can be converted into leads or even customers that businesses always wanted in the firs place. 

Blog commenting tend to be the perfect place to find your targeted audience. By engaging with the right blogs related to your industry, talking to the right people in the conversation, you can increase amount of traffic visiting your website through your comments.

While there is no secret method to drive traffic to a website through blog commenting, doing the following approach might be a good start:

  • Find relevant topics or blogs in your industry with high update frequency.
  • Find blog posts that were just recently published.
  • Find blog posts with few comments only.
  • Comment on blog posts that have conversation thread and avoid posts with generic comments.
  • Comment on blogs with interaction with the author.

Blog Commenting for Awareness

Definitely yes! Blog commenting is not just for the sake of having comments just to be there. Certainly, blog commenting is an open door opportunity for bloggers or business owners in which they can actively and continuously engage with thousand of people reading blogs. By sharing your opinion whenever possible on blogs in your industry and talking to thousand of people via comment, the chances that you might increase the awareness of your online awareness is definitely high.

While there are other useful ways to increase a website awareness such as guest blogging, social media or content marketing, blog commenting is also a good tactic to give your website a wider audience reach. Also, blog commenting makes it easier for you to increase your brand awareness to a wider audience scope. Just by reading a blog post for 10-15mins long  - depending on how long a blog post is, and compose your comment for 1-3 paragraph or more - depending on how long your comment will be, you can easily make your way on top of your industry in blog commenting channel.

Blog commenting for Conversion

Who said blog commenting is no good for conversion? Who said blog commenting is for link manipulation or for spammers? I’ll snap you! There has been a lot of posts on conversion opportunities in comment marketing by Jason Acidre, Neil Patel and more! So this is something that should be looked at as a valid marketing channel and not just source of links. 

But in order to get high conversion rate in comment marketing, you will need to have a lot of resources, unique information and content. Remember that the comment platform only serves as the medium between you and your target audience and the real conversion will occur once they landed on your website so it is crucial to give value on all of your comments because this is where you pull the trigger.

When looking for conversion opportunities, doing some tips below might good worth trying.
  • Read the blog or article post thoroughly to get a full information about the topic.
  • Read and respect the first few comments on blog posts you are planning to comment on.
  • Agree or disagree with the opinion of other comments and share your side professionally why you are on or against of their opinion respectively.
  • Provide real value in your comments - Make your comment as longer as it can be, mention references or cite people in your comment to have supporting information.

Bonus resources:

Blog Commenting for Authority

Who said blog commenting is for spammers? Who said you can't become an authority in your industry through blog commenting? Probably yes if you don't bring something new to the table and if you will just only do blog commenting for the sake of building links over and over again. 

But definitely, blog commenting can be used to increase your brand authority in your industry. By proactively engaging with the conversation via comment platform and professionally sharing valuable thoughts to the community, there is a high opportunity rate that your effort will be rewarded in the long run such as:
  • You can have speaking gig opportunity in events like Neil Patel had.
  • Your thoughts will be recognized as valid comment in the conversation.
  • Opportunities to have your comments appear as reference via quote or screen-shot on other blogs in your industry.
  • Ability to close online leads since being an authority in your industry helps a lot your potential leads in decision making stage.

Now that you have an idea of what you can get from comment marketing, investing on it is really important. Knowing that you mainly need to invest time, dedication and your knowledge in your industry, the ROI you can get from this strategy can be overwhelming. So if you are wondering how you can perform in comment marketing, check out some tip below.

Tips on how you can perform better in comment marketing:
  • Be authentic and don't be ridiculously active to promote your brand.
  • Influence other people by sharing your professional opinion and experience to the community.
  • Build relationship with people in your target communities to strengthen your online connections.
  • Give your best shot to standout in the discussion to attract people in the thread.
  • Reference blog posts written not by you but people in your industry most of the time.
  • Be generous and always provide information that the community is in need of.
  • Be real. Use your real name or brand name and use your photo or company logo.
  • Read the rules. Before you enter into someones property, there are always rules and guidelines to follow.
  • Hire someone who has an in depth knowledge about your industry to manage the conversation in the community.

Blog commenting as a form of marketing strategy of a business is definitely worth doing. This can benefit a business in many different ways from awareness, branding up to the conversion stage. But the thing in comment marketing is most people in online community look at blog comments as spam and most people ignore reading the conversation in comment section and they just share their thoughts. So it is crucial that when you make a comment on articles or blog posts, make sure that you give high value in your opinion and your comment will be flagged as spam.

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