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In the complex world of SEO industry, links used to be the basic foundation of a website to rank higher in Search Engines aside from keywords that give relevancy to a user search query. Because the more links we generate to a website, the higher possibility it can rank in organic search of search engines like Google. However, this belief has long been dead couple of years ago when Google got pissed off when a lot of websites manipulated their back link profile and manipulate their Page Rank (Google Bombing).

In return to that, Google has been dedicated to improving their algorithms to reward quality websites and filter the low quality websites who violated their search engine guidelines in terms of link development and actually, there are important ways how someone could identify if a website link profile is suspicious or manipulative such as:

  • Link Relevancy
  • Link Velocity
  • Anchor Text distribution
  • Link Quality and more..

But this post is not about identifying suspicious link profile as they have already been covered here, here and here. So it’s make sense citing the existing documents rather than recreating them. This post is about how can you attract links rather than creating them yourself? This post may sound like putting an end to traditional link building but it’s actually not. It’s about making your website a bit much better and turn it into link magnet. Let’s do this!

Be creative on your pages

This many not give high value on link attraction point of view but it may somehow help. It is a common sense that when people editorially give a link to other pages online, they don’t just give a link if a page does not look appealing on its own unless it actually provides a quality and kick ass information to its target users. Some people may link to that page but some people may not, so it is a recommendation that you also strive to make your pages look appealing to your audience.

Actually, you can basically do this by doing the following checklist when publishing a blog post of your own.

  • Be sensitive in content spacing
  • Be sensitive in text format
  • Be sensitive in paragraph breaks
  • Be sensitive in images etc..

After all, who would want to read articles that were plainly text written with no spacing, images or whatsoever that damage your audience user experience. So make sure that your content on your pages are strictly formatted.

Another thing you can improve is the design; of course, it can always help your website attract engagement and can also increase the time duration of their stay on your website. If you can creatively improve the design of your asset pages, there is a potential that it could increase the interest of your target audience to share or stay longer on your website compare with full contextual plain pages.

Things to look at when considering the design of your asset pages:

  • Of course, one is page speed (amplify with code)
  • Another one is responsive design (focus on design)
  • Text on Images (consider your audience with poor connection)

In this area, you can use Google Web Designer

If your pages are highly optimized for your target audience and search engines, more often than not, you will also be able to attract linkers in your industry after a couple of days or weeks. But we all know that design or creativity are not the only keys to create link magnet pages in the long run. Information contain in those pages that you will create what truly matters and the main ingredient of creating link magnet pages.

But what kind of content can you actually provide to attract links to your website? This section may require a lot of hard work but it is actually worth doing for.. Let’s get started!

Create a seasonal blog post

Taking advantage of the upcoming yearly event in your country is absolutely a mind blowing idea and this may actually work in every industry, you just need to spice it up by adding your own creativity and how you can use the season to your advantage. As an example, just take a look at what Ahrefs did before the Halloween Season in November 2014, this may be the first post with this idea but it surely did earn links in a very short time frame.

So imagine if you are a fan of dogs and blogging for dog industry, you can actually do the same by replicating this to your blog. Interview dog owners in the organization you are a part of and ask them one thing like “What is the most scariest moment that you remember with your dog?” Everybody has one for sure! Of course, it is already late to post like this so wait until next year. :)

Create topic focused pages

Seasonal posts can’t help you drive long term traffic and can’t help you earn long links continuously. But this one can. When thinking for a long term purposes link attraction, having an evergreen asset pages is definitely a must! If you can create a page dedicated only on a specific topic in your industry and making sure you update the page with anything happens in your industry related to that page can help you generate a trust worthy linkable asset. 

Imagine what MOZ has done on this particular page of their MOZ website. They created a dedicated page to list down all the algorithm updates (change history), release and roll out of Google to ensure that search marketers will know the dates of this significant change in the industry will help them comprehend the cause of downfall or upward of organic traffic in their Google Analytics traffic trend.

I assume that you already know who MOZ is so I won’t have to provide screen shot of earned links this page as you will just be amazed while your mouth is wide open. This page is probably earning links up until now and in the next years to come when someone in the search industry has mentioned similar or exactly the same to Google Algorithm Change History.

So if you are blogging for dog industry, having a page dedicated to showcase all types of dog breeds and provide all information about each breed to help new and existing dog lovers get to know more information about dogs will surely help. This can also help you attract more organic traffic for the term “dog breeds” “types of dogs” etc from organic search, moreover, your dog breed page will also be able to attract links in the long run.

Create controversial blog posts

Another opportunity that you can develop to attract links naturally is to publish a page that a lot of people in your industry won’t be able to ignore. This can damage your reputation online and brand but if you know can depend yourself and you have proof to show that will validate your statements, there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Imagine Brian Dean of Backlinko, he authored the Google Ranking Factors a couple of months ago. It has been around the world of search industry for quite some time and surely, it has earned a lot of inbound links, has been talked about everywhere such as on LinkedIn, Google plus, Search Engine Journal and more..

However, it appears like it didn’t only attract the attention of believers, it also attracted the attention of experts who definitely disagree with the list of ranking factors that Brian has mentioned in his list. There are two industry experts who totally disagree with him, first is Bill Slawski and the second is Gianluca Fiorelli.

It is true that Google has officially admit that they use over 200 ranking factors but putting them all together in a blog post for a couple of weeks is just definitely out of league. But of course, what Brian did could help site administrators, SEOs and webmasters optimize their websites to the fullest.

Create Exam Pages

Exams are good to test the knowledge of people in your industry to see how much knowledgeable they are. But this could also help you out earn natural links from social media, forum and other related websites or blogs in your industry. Isn’t that a bit overwhelming? You can also earn editorially given links over time, attract organic or referral traffic to sustain your traffic up and kicking. What more can you ask for?

Think about what MOZ did last may this year, they created an exam page for SEO practitioners to test their familiarity with the SEO. Surely, this exam page has undoubtedly became the center of attraction of SEOs which includes me. Obviously, this has also earned a lot of inbound links and ranking authority of the page from big sites in the industry.

The exam was launched last May 2014, it has only been a few months since then and look at the links the page was able to generate within that period of time. Imagine if you could create a page link this in your industry and do a quick promotion to your marketing channels? You may not earn the same volume of links like MOZ earned but surely, this will benefit you a lot.

Now that you have the content ready on your website to be read, seen or used by your target audience, there is always one big question next to it. How will you promote it? How will your audience find or discover the content you worked hard for?

How do you promote it?

This next step will help you promote your kick ass content that will reach your audience.

Send an email campaign

Before you share the word to a wider audience in your industry, be sure to promote it to your existing audience first. Make a special email campaign with awesome call to action (CTR) and let them know that you have published your creative and unique content. Email marketing campaign is surely one of the fastest way to reach your existing audience is through email. But there are certain rules you need to follow before you run an email campaign or else, the success rate you expect to achieve will not be met.

Things to remember when sending out emails:

Consider Timezone - Timezone is important. Knowing the timezone of your target audience surely makes a big difference than knowing nothing at all. Image if you are in Asia and you will send an email campaign to North America in your lunch time? How many of your target audience will read that? We don’t know. But what we know is when the recipient of your email wakes up in the morning, their inbox is full of unwanted emails from their subscriptions etc and your email will be overlooked.

Avoid spam words - Spammy words will get your email straight to spam box. Of course, you don’t want this to happen and nobody would ever want it anyway. This usually happens when you use spam-linked words like “free” foul words in your email subject line so be sure to avoid those words in your subject line.

Consider your design - One if the things that often make email campaigns successful is because of the design. The design is actually speaks to your audience to click on your email and do whatever you want them to do when they land on your website so be sure to have a ninja style design.

Make use of CTR - Of course, you don’t want your email to remain as email. You want your audience to make necessary action which is to click through to go to your website. By making your CTR noticeable, clear and placed in the right spot, you may be able to sleep at night and expect to see a spike in traffic from your email campaign. Just don’t forget to tag it.

If you want an extensive information about email campaign, visit the common rookie mistakes article from Mailchimp.

Share your content in Social Media

Social media is well known as a effective of channel for digital marketing campaign, as social media is the best way to engage with your audience and the fastest way to interact with them. More importantly, the best way to instantly drive traffic to a newly created page of your website as social media can help your link magnet content reach more people when it goes viral, bringing more traffic than you expected! Sound good, isn’t it?

Assuming that you have social media pages with decent followers, sharing your newly published content to your social connections will surely help a lot for the following reasons:

  • Your content can easily go viral in social channel if you do things right.
  • You can increase your social traffic from various social media platforms
  • Your content can help you increase your brand awareness
  • Social signals can strengthen your website authority in social channels

However, in order to succeed in social media marketing, make sure that you follow some basic guidelines that are helpful to make your social activities optimized for your target audience such as:

Use Images - To make a social post entertaining, adding an image on your social post is definitely crucial. This can help attract the attention of your audience and click through on the image of your post to visit your page. This is just similar to organic search results with authorship markup, remember how many click through rates you received from organic search when the authorship markup was enabled? When people see images, whether next to your page description or above the page description, people will click through the image as they find it much cooler than the others with no images at all.

Use the right platforms - Using social media as part of your digital marketing campaign, does not necessarily mean you need to use all platforms available out there. You need to analyze your industry to see which social platforms are the best thing to use for your own benefit, figure out where your target audience gather. Do they use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+? Knowing these are crucial to identify which platforms will benefit you the most.

Encourage CTR - Similar to email campaign above, you need to have a strong CTR to bring your social audience to you website. Besides, that’s the main purpose of using social media for your website, drive them to your website and make necessary actions whatever you want them to do for you.

Find the best time to share - Similar to consider the timezone in email newsletter, you need to find the best time to share your content in social media. Since most people often use social media as part of their daily life, finding the right timing to share a post the time when they are checking their social media profiles will surely give highest results rather than randomly posting anytime.

To see a complete social media post wise, visit the anatomy of social media post from Convert With Content.

Manual Email Campaign

One important promotion strategy that you can do when promoting your link magnet content is by sharing them to experts in your industry or just the entities you mentioned in content. Allow them to see your hard work, ask for feedback if necessary or you can even ask them for a tweet if you are confident that your content has covered everything has to cover.

Consider timezone - Again, timezone is crucial. You can’t just send out emails to people in your industry anytime you want and expect to see a good response rate.

Make your email short and direct to the point - Be straightforward, let them know straightaway your intention why you email them.

But of course, if this is your first time emailing them, do introduce yourself or else, you will be ignored.

Monitor your email - One important thing when doing manual email is tracking your emails. You need to know if they even open the email you send, this is crucial to you as you need to know what will happen after you hit the send button.

To learn more about email marketing, click on the infographic below or visit this page.

Share to Social Niche Group

You think a singe social media post is enough? Think again. Social media is full of excitement. You can share a post on your page BUT you can also post a post in any group that you are a member of. Just make sure that you won’t spam these social groups as it can affect your reputation. Sharing a post in social group is much straightforward than posting an update on your time-line as the people that will see your post are your HIGHLY targeted audience which include experts, influencers and newbies.

As usual, to make things safe, there are some guidelines you need to follow when sharing something in social group.

Participate to discussions - To make yourself known in your industry or you just want the members of the group recognize you, taking part in the discussions or even creating a discussion of your own is definitely important. This is to know how much information you know in the industry and what can you contribute to the table.

Don’t promote your own shit - Group Admin hate self promotions, unless you are a legit member of the group. But if you are new or just an inactive member of the group, promoting your own shit isn’t just a good idea and you might even get kicked out and blocked from the group.

Respect their rules - This is self explanatory.


It is not just enough to can produce quality content, it is not just enough that you can throw consistent three point shoot a hundred times. Your talent need to be seen and your knowledge need to be shared to your target audience and gain their loyalty. In link building development space, building quality links is badly hard but if you do things right in terms of contributing new ideas to the table, eventually, you will definitely earn not only links, but also reputation, authority and more. So turn your ideas into something, get the word spread-out as fast as flash to the right channels, make your audience share your content to their channels and do whatever you can to keep them coming back to your website.

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