Safe Link Building Guide for Every Industry

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Building links that point to your website is really crucial, knowing that links are still important in search position ranking factors and to discover if your link building efforts practice manipulative approach to rank better in search. According to Google, they use more than 200 signals to determine how a webpage is ranked for different keyword phrases and links is one of the signals they use evaluate a webpage how it will perform.

Since SEO has negative connotations due to aggressive manipulative approach by trying hard marketers out there, link building has become quite complicated for ethical internet marketers who follow search engine guidelines. However, although link building has become dangerous and may cause penalization if done aggressively and incorrectly, there are still some ways that you can do to build links to your website from old to advanced and recent tactics. Let’s get started

Local Business Listing

One of the essential factors of link building is to create a listing on business listing website in your area. Knowing that this will help your visitors find where your business is physically located, they can also write a review of how you are performing in front of them which is visible to your potential audience as well. At the same time, you can send good signal to Google with your brand or business name being used as the anchor text for your business listing.


I know that Local SEO is very crucial especially if you are targeting limited area, acquiring links from local business directories for your location will help you expand your exposure, get connected to customers. Also, you can request to your customers to write review for your business listing, share their experiences online through business review.

Why is this important?

  • This can give you followed links to your website
  • Your customers can help promote your business online especially if you get good business reviews
  • Your exposure to widely audience can standout and attract more potential customers
  • This can help you increase your ranking in search for local term key phrases

List of Profile Sites that can be optimized for a COMPANY name:

  • Google+ Business Page
  • Google Places (critical for a local business)
  • Yahoo Local (critical for a local business)
  • Bing Business Portal
  • Merchant Circle
  • Yellow Bot
  • Super Pages
  • Yellow Pages
  • Manta
  • HotFrog
  • Local Best of the Web
  • Yelp
  • Kudzu
  • About Us
  • In Local
  • In Company
  • Lookup Page
  • City Search
  • Bigsight
  • City Search

Profile Link Building

Another one good way to build inbound links to your website is to use profile creation sites that allow putting a URL on the about section of your page. Although this technique may not seem very exciting and challenging, this still can help you send ranking power to your domain and can be used to diversify your link profile. The good thing about this is you can use your brand name or business name as anchor text which will help exposure for your business.

The good thing about profile link building is that you can promote your website, your services, your links and other information such as social channels with all FREE of cost. Although this can’t give you dofollow links, the benefit you can get from here is just crazy.

Image Link Building

Turning your images into links is just really something very unique. Although the method isn’t very new, this method is very legit and can be used in different way such as:

  • Submitting your images to image hosting sites (Flckr, Tumblr etc)
  • Allowing bloggers in your industry to use your content on their blog
  • Linking your own images in your content whenever you distribute content in your industry

You can also use your images for social updates whenever you publish one. So if you don’t have awesome content to share yet in your social media accounts, maybe share your product images etc.

Guest Blogging

Stick a fork in it? Hell no! Although Google don’t trust links from guest blogging, it is still a very good way to acquire high quality links, build exposure and drive traffic. The only unfortunate thing about guest blogging is it has been abused over time through manipulative approach of using exact-match keyword anchor text, irrelevant and promotional texts.

The main key to succeed in guest blogging is to distribute a real content that give high value to your audience, since Google loves original content a lot, they won’t ignore high quality content guest posted by you to make it rank in search especially if your content has earned legit links and has become viral in social media.

The right way of using guest blogging:

  • Find the most relevant website or blogs to your website
  • Create a list of prospect websites with authority ranging from 40-100
  • Write longer content that you usually do – 2k to 3k word count
  • Naturally insert your link to support your statement in your content

Reversed link profile engineering

Knowing where your competitors are linking to is a good way to find potential links for your domain. Given that your competitors have acquired decent links, you can discover potential links where you can link from as well. In this way, you will also have a chance to acquire the links that your competitors have. However, you have to make sure that the website you will link to is authority, higher ranking and decent domain in your industry.

Repurpose content

Creating different format of your higher ranking content, higher visits and highest user engagement can be repurposed for another type of content such as info-graphic, video or article. If you can make it more comprehensive than the original content that you repurposed. If you can identify these type of content in Google Analytics > landing pages, you will then discover which of your content tend to have a lot of visits, social share and with users engagement.

Keep in mind that you have to make it much comprehensive so your audience will not get bored when they read your content so adding information and relevant strategies can actually help.

Broken link building

Another good source of finding potential links to your website is to look for dead links in resource pages of other websites in your industry. You can also use to find broken links and discover link opportunities for your website. And once you have discovered the dead links on the pages that you will find, run them in back link explorer that you prefer and once you have a list of referring pages on that specific link, spend some time on finding opportunities for that you can use for your benefits.

For detailed tutorial on this method, check Brian Dean's awesome post here.

Final word

Links are one of the ranking factors by search engine to determine if your website is practicing strategies that did not pass their quality guidelines. So building links to your website in a right and safe way can actually help you rank better in the long run and won't prone your website into penalty if search engines roll out an algorithm update.

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