Complete Link Building Plan for 2014

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Creating a link building plan is essential. This can help us focus to achieve our goals and help us maintain our method in acquiring links for the websites which can help us drive targeted traffic and obtain high quality links. We all know that the SEO industry keeps evolving which always leads to devaluing method in acquiring links and putting our website at risk.

In the first month of the year and from here on, having a competitive link building plan to market a website in the industry that you’re in can help you not only become popular in your industry but this can also help you succeed in your market space.

The purpose of this post is to help you not only build links but establish your online presence and gain authority from the right place, right people and right time in your industry. So let’s get started.

Establish Your Presence

In the beginning, establishing your online presence could be really difficult and frustrating. Especially if you don’t know where to begin when marketing your website as this can waste your time and effort if you unconsciously market and promote your website in the wrong place. Although you promoted it within your industry, you cannot expect to get the results that you deserve and you don’t know if this will reach your target audience right?

But you can change that anxiety by incorporating the following methods below in the proper way of communicating to your audience and at the same time, helping them to learn something new. 

Build Strong Relationship

Relationship is the best foundation that each marketer needs to establish online. Since connections can help you not only promote your site but also can give you high quality links to your website in a way of interview, curated posts or being mentioned as referenced on one of their blog posts so having a strong online relationship to your audience and people in your industry is really necessary.

When building relationship in your industry, there are some ways that you can do to make this possible such as:

Participate in Social Community – Talking to people in your industry through social channels can help you get to know them, add their social accounts or to easily identify their needs.

Create social pages for fans and followers – Giving them a place where they can see your social updates can also help you establish your social presence. More importantly, this can help you keep and maintain your visitors with the current updates in your business or industry which will make them feel important and connected to you.

Build Your Authority and Trust

One important factor that you must now forget when promoting a website is to build trust and authority to your website. Because it is definitely hard to sell or convince someone to buy or subscribe to your news letter if you never provided any value in your industry. Also, it is really hard to compete if no one believes of what you’re saying or doing to help the people in your industry, so authority and trust are both important aspects in digital marketing.

Building trust and establishing authority in your industry will take time as you need to be seen everywhere by your audience such as social, forums, comments etc. But in this section, I will only mention the ones can help you gain high quality links which may pass authority to your domain.

Guest Blogging – Regular content contribution to other websites in your industry can help you increase your visibility, exposure and can drive traffic to your website. This can also help you build authority to your presence as being featured on high ranking websites in your industry will surely give your website a lot of credits.

Blogger Outreach – Contacting bloggers in your industry can also help you give exposure to your website. By being featured on higher ranking blogs with strong social and readers’ engagement will surely increase your presence and drive traffic to your website.

Bloggers often write about content for their readers, so if you can recommend a topic that they have not covered yet with your content being recommended to be used as one of the featured references is the best way to get inbound links to your website.

Interview Request – Being interviewed by people in your industry preferably experts or leaders will surely pass authority and trust to your website. This can also potentially drive visitors to your website that can convert into clients as experts and leaders always get a lot of attention from people in your industry, exposure is only one of the benefits you can get from this approach.

Analyze Your Competitors’ links for link opportunities

Looking at your competitors’ links may also give you a hint where you can obtain high quality links. In this way, you can identify what sort of link building they are practicing to get their links. You can also figure out if they have links from trusted domains by search engine that you may also acquire.

To do this, you will have to use at least one of the following major SEO tools for link checker to get the links of your competitors. Unfortunately, these tools are not for free and in order to use this full feature, a paid subscription is required for better functionality.

  • OpenSiteExplorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
Using these tools, you can also identify negative links that your website has acquired and can potentially affect your website performance. So if you have competitors that are automatically building low-quality links to your website, you can run a quick link profile audit to discover these links.

Broken Link Building

Another one good way to get high quality links for your website is to look for broken links that you can find on websites in your industry. This method may be time consuming but the links you can build through this method is sexy.

However, looking for broken links on websites can be difficult but you can still manage to look for potential pages with broken links through different approach such as:

Advance search – To filter the results from search engines, you can attempt to use some queries that may help you find pages within your industry that may have broken links. This can help you filter out the results only related to your search terms.

Sample of a query:

Real Estate Resources inurl:links

The process:
  1. Create a list of Top pages in SERP for keywords you’re trying to rank for
  2. Look for broken links in their website
  3. Contact the webmaster saying that you have discovered on their website a broken link and suggest if they could replace the dead link with your link

Having a link building plan before you start your campaign on how you will obtain your links can definitely help you save time. This can also help you avoid getting low quality and irrelevant links which can damage your website in the long run. In this way, you can help your website get to the top of your industry and at the same time, build relationship, authority and trust on communities in your industry.

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