Guest blogging: The right way in 2014

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Stick a fork in it. Whew! What a word coming from the head of slam team of Google! Well obviously, if you do guest blogging in a large scale, you definitely will get a lot from it but only for a short period of time, especially if you are guest blogging for links. I'm sure that guest blogging gives high quality links and decent traffic from the websites of your choice.

However, after the declaration of Matt Cutts about guest blogging, do you think you still need to practice it? I mean, should you totally stop guest blogging for exposure? Definitely not! I mean, you can still do guest blogging but in a very careful way as you never want to get a message from Google spam team saying that you are manipulating your links.

The proper way of doing guest blogging should be this simple:

  • Don't spam
  • Don't blog for links
  • Don't waste your time writing shit content
  • Don't do overdo it

Don't spam

Spammers are the enemy of Google. Google is obviously killing them one by one, slowly but surely, algorithmically or manually. So if you don't want to become one of them and be killed by Google, make your content worth reading to, worth sharing to and worth bookmarking to.

I know that you don't also want to disappoint your readers. You want to give them something unique and useful information for their benefits. You also dont want to annoy them by stuffing your content with your target keywords right? So stop doing this shit anymore and focus on something that will increase your authority in your industry.

You can do this by:

Don't bias on your links - Use other content related to your topic and not just yours
Don't link too much - I know you have researched your topic really well so don't over refer to other content
Don't promote yourself - Be natural, don't market yourself on other blogs, just focus on giving them good content and conversion will follow!

Don't blog for links

Guest blogging for links is the most annoying term that I've heard about it. It's not like that. The main reason why Matt Cutts put an end to Guest blogging is because of manipulative SEO practitioners that are only after ranking and decent position in SERP. And because of this, high scale guest blogging have been facilitated to build inbound links for their target keywords.

I know links are important. You cant win in SEO if you never built a single link back to your website. But doing it in a wrong and high scale can definitely put you at risk rather than put you at the top.

However, you can avoid this by doing the following methods:

Nofollow your links - this can still help you drive traffic visitors to your website but it does not give huge help for your SEO

Don't over blogging - Instead, become a contributor on established blogs in your industry to build trust to your audience and dont practice one-content blogging at a site.

Dont waste your time writing shit content

Obviously, the main reason why you are writing content is to build strong profile to your online presence. This means, you only have to focus on giving them useful content that they will more likely be happy to share to their friends.

I know you want to guest blog as often as possible. But you have to write something that will not add value to your industry. And more importantly, don't copy or replicate the idea of other people as you will be outrank by them.

Tips in creating content:

Provide insightful information to your readers
Research your topic very carefully
Be very unique and produce well written content

Don't overdo it

Yes, that's it. Making guest blogging as your link resources is definitely will stick a fork in you! Contributing content to all blogs in your industry is not building your online authority, which might help you rank for a short period time but you get spotted by Google, then you dead.

I know blogging gives free exposure and links but having this kind of link profile isn't going to help you in your SEO in the long run. If you want to succeed in guest blogging, have it scheduled and put it in a low moderate priority.

Guest blogging.. The term itself does not sound illegitimate. But unfortunately, it has been widely abused by some ranking-concerned digital marketers. Although the strategy seems to be undergoing some critical issue, we can still help it become legitimate by adhering to search engine's quality guidelines which is to provide highly informative content that will last.

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