Creating a strategic link building plan

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Planning is always the first step before you start to do something that specifically aiming for accomplishments. It is a stage where you are organizing your step by step approach on how you can achieve your goals to benefit yourself, your website or your website. By doing this, you can easily find your way to success if all things go well according to plan. In the search industry, creating a strategic plan to outrank your competitors and to increase the conversion rate of your website, you can increase the sales of your business which is a good sign of business expansion.

For websites, links are important as it has the highest percentage of Google search rankings. They evaluate your link profile manually or algorithmically to identify of you are participating in sort of link schemes or you are fully engaged to provide something new to your target audience. With that being said, creating a link building plan for your website is vitally important to keep your link profile clean and worry free of having your website penalized by search engines.

In this post, I will guide you on how you can create a fully white hat approach and how you can ethically build links to your website. So let’s get started.

Identify the Obsolete approach

Initially, you would not want to engage with activities that are no longer effective and working so you can start creating a list of old-fashioned link building method that search engines’ consider manipulative and unethical. You can start by going back to date where they launched their Panda Algorithm that had made a huge change in the industry.

This algorithm targeted the websites that are massively building inbound links to their website through article submission based link building. It is true that the volume of links to your website are important and key to help you increase your SERP but if these links are only editorially given or naturally inserted in an ethical intention. So this means that article submission based link building won’t bring huge value to your website and can only harm you.

Another thing to avoid is the low quality web directory submission sites. I am not saying that web directory sites are not useful to us but since they had been widely used to generate high number of inbound links to a website, Google launched the Penguin algorithm to devalue/derank the websites that have huge number of links from low quality websites. Therefore, using these websites can potentially harm your website and waste your effort doing it.

Last but not the least, is to spam the websites that are giving away link value (dofollow blogs) by irrelevantly commenting the page with unrelated comment to the topic and by using a keyword as the name of the person commenting.

Methods to avoid:

  • Article Submission
  • Web directory submission
  • Comment Spamming
  • Exact Match Anchor Text

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Once you have a list of don’t do things in your link building campaign, you can now proceed with your plan that will not harm and damage your website online reputation in search engines. But even if these methods are working at the moment, you still have to be very careful when building links to your website so it won’t look manipulative and unnatural to search engines, you have to:

  • Diversify your links
  • Diversify your anchor texts
  • Diversify your source of traffic

Guest Writer

Writing for another website or blog in your industry is a better way of creating inbound links to your website. Especially if the website you’re writing for is well known and authoritative in your industry. It won’t only pass traffic to your website but it will only pass authority and ranking power to your website. So if you have written for 10 different unique domains in your industry and each are authoritative, you can save your time building links from 100 article submissions, 100 web directory and 100 social bookmarking sites. Imagine the time you can save on this? It’s much easier than hiring 10 link builders to generate links for your website.

Finding guest writing opportunity should is not difficult since there are a lot of ways to find them. You just only need to be very picky when choosing the websites that you want to write for to make sure that you will benefit a lot from it such as:

  • Appearing on authoritative websites
  • Establishing your strong online presence
  • Building connections with influencers in your industry

You can find these website though search by typing in search box:

  • Keyword “write for us”
  • Keyword “guest post”

Or you can use to help you find websites that are looking for guest bloggers. Just find the ones related to your industry and do some sort of analysis if these websites are qualified on your requirements. Once you have your list, you can filter the websites to qualify for what you’re looking for through:

Social and User Engagement

Why? Because a post that has high a social share and user comment are associated with strong engagement of visitors to a post and indicates a good signal to search engines.

Profile Links

Profile links is a good way to increase the number of your inbound links, even profile links don’t pass enough link value to your website, and it is still a better way to diversify your link profile. You can use naked URL to avoid manipulating your link with your keyword so there’s nothing to worry about.

Image link building

Images are good way to attract more potential visitors to a website. The more appealing your images are, the higher the chances that you will be able to build links through them. It just matter of submission to image sharing websites. The good thing about image link building is that, you can use the images on your website to diversify your link resources. Since most websites have only contextual links pointing to their websites, you can add a little spice up in your link profile by using images on your website to diversify it.

Images have different types that marketers can you for digital marketing and these are:

  • Photographs (Places, Products etc)
  • Graph interchange format
  •   Info-graphics

You can use these websites to increase its online visibility by submitting to image bookmarking sites such as:

  • Flickr
  • Deviantart
  • Photoshop
  • Picasa
  • Imgur

Diversifying your link profile is the best way to get traffic from different resources. It is also the safest way not to get penalized in search engines, so if you want to increase the authority of your website, build links from authoritative domains and different diversify your link sources.

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