How to build strong readership to your blog?

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Strong readership on our blog is what all we want as bloggers and goal to increase over time. This can help us increase our online presence and credibility in our space which can help us get the attention of experts and leaders in our industry, giving us the opportunity to have strong online connection in industry. However, making this happen will require you a lot of time and dedication but the results will be continuous and beneficial for you and your blog in the long run. 

It will also determine how authoritative, trustworthy and reliable (in terms of information) your blog in your industry is because new visitors are coming and loyal visitors are returning which are good indications of good website performance. 

But having this kind of success does not happen overnight or a week. It can happen in a month or so but it depends on how you do it. So in this post, I will share you my quick ways on how you can do it and let me know the results in the comment below (after a month or so) let’s get started.

Build Your Online Reputation

Reputation is one of the essential factors that people look at whenever they visit a blog or website before they rely on the articles that it hosts. Since there are more live blogs out there, it is very common that some content may have duplicate or similar to others, causing other content to decrease its chances to get the attention of its audience.

So building your online reputation is important by appearing on authority sites in your industry as a contributor to make your target audiences know you. Since authority sites have already strong readership and followers, it will be easy for you to build up your reputation to a huge number of people in your industry by sharing your knowledge and expertise in your industry through your content.

How to do this:

1. Look for blogs in your industry that are accepting guest contributors by using these search queries:

  • inurl:"write for us"+"your industry"
  • inpost:"guest post by"+"your industry"

2. Look for blogs that conduct interviews in your industry and request that you are interested to participate in the interview series.

  • intitle:"interview"+"your industry"
  • inpost:"interview"+"your industry"

3. Look for blogs that collect "best blog post" ever in your industry and contact the blog owner if he can include your post in the next update

Sample email:

Hi webmaster,

My name is -- owner of, I read your article about eg."most actionable seo tips ever" and it blew my mind away by learning new tips from the industry experts. You did an awesome job. 

Im just wondering, since you covered the best actionable seo tips, why don't you cover "the most effective social media strategy ever" next time? I wrote something about "Case study: Anatomy of Perfect Google+ Post" that you might want to include in the list.

Let me know what you think.

Why are these effective?

  • These can help you increase your reputation and exposure.
  • These can help you prove your expertise in your industry which can help you build your online reputation.
  • They pass authority to your blog post or to whichever pages of your blog is inserted in content which helps you rank well and increase your site search performance.

Build Your Social Connections

Social channels are good source of referral traffic to a blog, it can help us increase the social audience of our posts through reshare, comment or likes of our social connections. So creating your social connection to build your audience is definitely important. It is also a good way to increase your returning visitors’ rate through social channel which gives good signal to search engines for having strong visitors’ engagement.

How to do this:

  • Look for groups in social sites where people in your industry gather such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – Add or Connect and communicate to these people to establish a relationship with them.
  • Participate in social group discussions and reference your posts to drive traffic to your site.
  • Provide insightful information to the community to establish your authority in the group.
Once you have a list of people in your social accounts, create a your own group or page and invite the people that you have connected with to join or follow your page or group so whenever you update your community with your post, it will be easy for them visit and read your content.

Appear in Weekly Round ups

Another way to increase your authority and readership to your blog is to be featured in a weekly roundup of websites related to yours. Since websites that conduct weekly roundup are already receiving visitors, the tendency of it to get much higher visitors are pretty much high since people who have been featured in a weekly roundup will probably share the post to their social audience for a wider audience.

Also, being featured on other website gives credibility and authority to your website which helps it to rank better in SERP and it increases the trust flow and citation of your website which gives a good signal to search engines. 

How to be featured in weekly roundups:

  • Look for websites that conduct weekly roundups in your industry and identify the sort of roundup they likely to produce (content marketing ideas, link building strategies, social media tactics etc)
  • Write about the topics that get featured by websites that have weekly roundup category
  • Contact the blog owners behind of weekly roundup and ask if you can be added to the next roundup post he will produce.

Pro tip – Having featured on weekly roundups require creativity and originality so before you contact websites to request your post to be included in their weekly roundup, make sure that your content can standout on its own. This means, it has to be comprehensive, well research and evergreen content so it can compete in SERP in a long period of time.

Strong readership is one of the rewards that bloggers want to achieve for each of their post. It helps you distinguish that your effort for publishing content in your industry is acknowledged by your audience through a high number of social share or comments on each of your post. Of course, social share and comment isn't the only way to identify if your website has strong readership, you can also figure it out using Google analytics by drilling down to landing pages and over all traffic of your website.

Joseph Gojo Cruz is the author of RankingElite, a Philippine-based Online Marketing blog. Joseph has been working in SEO industry for over 3 years from website audit, link and content development, social media and search engine optimization. Connect with Joseph on Google+Twitter, and Facebook. Joseph is also a contributor on SEJ and Ahrefs.