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Having your brand name mentioned in every corner of your industry is definitely essential in online marketing world. As this will show how powerful, popular and trusted your brand name is within your industry. But obviously, this does not only happen in the real world and for some businesses out here, this could be like a dream within a dream against the enterprise businesses. So creating important pages on your website to make it standout in your market competition in really vital rather than building inbound links and hope that your website will go viral.

Creating your resource page/s

Creating link worthy pages on your website is one the best way to gain authority for your domain. By making your pages comprehensive, you can expect it to earn links organically through relevant websites or blogs in your industry and more potential social share. These resource pages must benefit your target audience really well and make sure that all information needed by them are provided by your resource pages so that your audience will likely to return - increasing your returning visitors rate when you publish another content for them.  

You can create your own resource page such as the following:

FAQs - Frequently asked questions or FAQs is in fact a good resource page. Since you are providing information that answers specifically what your target audience need. Most likely what they will do in return is social share that can attract more traffic.

Industry terms - Having a list of terminology in your industry is vitally important for beginners and professionals to easily understand jargon words when they come around. It may not receive more social share as it cannot always be updated but it will earn links over time whenever someone uses this page as a reference.

Interview List - A set of leaders, experts and professional interviews is the best way to attract visitor to your interview list page. Since the people you interviewed had a massive huge of followers, each of your interview will pretty much receive huge traffic. 

Collection of your killer blog posts that are already earning links - If you always update your website with comprehensive articles that are already earning links, you can pick up the best ones and put them altogether in one place so that you could create a list of your best known articles about your expertise.

Having these resource pages on your website can attract visitors, social shares and links whenever someone visits these pages and shared to their circles until it gets viral. 

Inter-linking to your resource pages

Linking your individual blog posts to all your resource pages can help your important pages receive more authority and ranking power to appear in SERP. Use diversified keywords to link your resource pages to easily increase the amount of related keywords pointing to your resource pages. By using different terms in your individual pages to link your resource pages is a strategic way to:

1. Helping your other pages more discoverable
2. Helping your individual pages receive authority from your other ranking pages
3. Decreasing your bounce rate and increasing your visitors engagement rate

Promoting your resource pages

Promoting your resource pages should not be that really hard since you can use three different approaches to increase the inbound links to your resource pages. But keep in mind that you have competitors in your industry where will likely do the same in your resource pages promotion stage so make sure that you will smartly use these methods by providing valuable information to your target audience and to pass authority and visitors to your resource pages by doing.

Comment and Forum marketing

For some SEOs, forum and comment posting are no longer advisable in the penguin era. Since most people are using exact match keyword or manipulative anchor text. That being said, SEOs might not use this method to build artificial links to their resource pages but that should not be the case. 

In fact, you can purposely use your resource pages to attract more targeted visitors without getting worried of having issue with penguin algorithm in a way of smartly responding to other posts such as:

1. Referencing your resource page/s in your answers.
2. Responding to related ONLY post resource pages.

Guest blogging

To get more authority referring pages to your resources, you must promote them through content contribution on other higher ranking websites in your industry. Since higher ranking websites tend to have higher user engagement and social attention, you can expect your post to be shared by your readers and attract more potential targeted visitors.

Referencing your resource pages in all of your content contribution can help your website increase its reputation (trust and citation flow) which can increase your position in SERP resulting to more CTR and leads.

To find potential related to yours you can use this search terms:

"Keyword"+"industry" guest post/write for us


After creating and promoting your resource pages, you may start scaling the results by tracking what's working pretty well such as: 

  1. What's giving you more referring traffic?
  2. What’s helping your website earn links?
  3. What’s ranking in SERP and to see what needs to be improved more?
You can use your Google analytics to see which methods you used is/are giving you the highest volume of visitors. And to also see what you can do to improve your strategy for better ranking, user engagement and ROI.

And you can use Google alerts to track if your resources or domain name is getting mentioned with or without link to your website.

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