Content Creation Ideas and Marketing for Your Website

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Content marketing is the best ways to let the people in your industry know about your brand to increase brand awareness, your audience and to have more potential leads which will help your business grow. Since content marketing and branding are both already in the mind of most internet marketers out there, you must have one or two effective marketing plan in mind as well as content ideas to help you develop more useful content which is I will discuss in this post.

There are a lot of existing ideas on how to create content for a website and what format you should be developing to give the demand of your audience. But keep in mind that each content that you publish on your website should be beneficial to your audience and don’t just publish for the sake of publishing new content.

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Content Creation Ideas

To attract more visitors to your website you need to make your website content driven and provide fresh and high quality content they will look forward to, something that will give them new information whenever they visit your website. So to do this, you should categorize the type of articles you will publish on your website, serving your audience with different type of needs such as:

Advice/Guide or Strategy articles

Giving your audience a step by step procedure on how to develop something in detail is actually the best way to make a connection with your audience. If you can provide them what they want and give the information that they need, slowly but surely, your audience will recognize you and probably recommend you to their social connections or even word of mouth.


Another killer strategy to attract the attention of your target audience is to serve them a set of interviews with influential people in your industry. I know a lot of interviews have been made for many influential people in many industries so to make your interview stand out, think of l very unique questions that have never been asked by other interviewers out there.

Industry news

Obviously, everyone is interested to know the recent news and trends about their industry to be prepared and be aware of what is coming whether be good or not for their business. If you can provide them this type of highly important information in your articles, then you will be recognized by your audience as a source of reliable information.

You will also have more potential link mentions, social shares, likes which will drive you more relevant traffic in an instant. But make sure that each industry news you are providing is true and with source of information such as link of other websites or name of the people/companies that you interviewed to complete your industry news article.


I. Press mentions

One of the fastest ways to spread the news about your brand is first, to be mentioned by press sites. Knowing that press sites have huge amount of traffic each day, it is easier for your brand to be seen by your targeted and non-targeted visitors. Also, given the fact that each press sites' visitors most likely to like and share the majority of each press sites articles, the audience of your article will shortly increase.

What sort of article you should request for press mention?
  •  Company Anniversary
  •  Awards distribution

Why do you need press mentions?
  •  You can boost your online visibility
  • You can increase your audience
  •  You can market in a low rate cost 

Where to get press contact?
  • You can use different your industry news sites I’m sure there are.
  • You can search in Google, Yahoo and Bing for press sites that are providing the services you need.
  • You can directly email journalists (if you are lucky to have one) 

II: Join Community talks

To find influencers, who will be interested to share your article, comment and promote in their own circles, you must participate in group communities where people in your industry gather such as Professionals, practitioners and beginners.

In this way, you are not only exposing yourself to be recognized by your own audience but you are also gaining the respect of influencers in your industry which can develop trust and long term relationship that will benefit both parties.


Since old tactics like link building, don’t seem to be effective as it was, better leave it behind and focus on developing content that your audience will love. This is also what search engines like Google wants webmasters to practice in the long run. "Create high quality website" to earn links organically so if your strategy is to build thousands of links to manipulate your SERP, most likely, your website will suffer from manual or algorithmic penalty.

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