Pure link building: How can you stand out from the crowd?

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In an industry that is ruled by guidelines and algorithms implemented by search engines, optimizing your website for organic results could be really hard to perform whatever you desire to make your website stand out in your market competition and beat down your competitors in terms of website traffic.

This is why there are dos and don'ts in SEO industry which is limiting the SEO practitioners to go all the way of performing hard core online marketing all day and night long.

But even if you think there is nothing left to do to build artificial or inbound  links to your website, you are dead wrong. Link building may have changed significantly to the point that everyone in the industry looked forward to its dying days. Maybe the old tactics are good for nothing today but there are some effective methods to do link building which are quite doing well and can make you standout in your industry and these are:

1. Broken link building
2. Localized link building
3. Discussion link building
4. Guest blogging

While the four link building methods mentioned above cannot guarantee you a good results in your Google analytics in a short period of time, it is still somehow important even if your strategy on your website is content driven marketing.

Broken link building

A good way of increasing your link profile is to find broken links on the websites related to your website and let the owner/webmaster that you are offering a link from your website to replace the dead links that you have found. This method alone is not enough to have a strong link profile but this could help you build good link sources especially if the websites that you've discovered with link error issues are authority.

The basic concept of broken link building:

  • Find niche-related websites
  • Diagnose those websites to identify which ones have link errors
  • Connect with the website administrator to let them know the importance of fixing broken links on their website
  • Suggest your own resources to fix those link errors
You can use tool/website like cognitiveSEO to identify such broken links.

Localized link building

This is actually one of the old ways of building links for websites and this is extremely important in local SEO so this tactic will not cause penalty to your website unless you are doing it manipulatively such as using your target keyword as the anchor text for local business citation.

But of course, if you are targeting local market, do not build international links for your website as this will not benefit your website at all in SERP so it's totally pointless.

Finding local business listing sites is quite easy since you are only required to provide your business listing information such as: Business name, Zip code, Owner name, physical address of your business, email and website. These are the basic ones but each website requires different information.

Tips in finding local business sites
  1. Use filter search to target  your location ".ca, .de .au + submit listing, add your business or submit your business"  then choose the one with good domain authority.
  2. If your target is in the U.S, it will be easy for you to get a list of listing websites since there are already existing of business listing sites out there.
You can also build local links for your website to completely create your localized link profile by doing the following:
  1. Contribute content to local blogs, websites related to your industry.
  2. Give testimonial to local business related to your business that you really love.
Discussion link building

Engaging to other people in your industry is not only a good idea to build relationship with them but it is also essential to gain their trust online. Since trust seems to be the most important factor to success not only digital marketing but also in other things as well. However, discussion link building takes a lot of effort and in depth knowledge in your industry to provide comprehensive information to your target audience.

Tips to build strong online connections
  1. Be active in your community
  2. Provide essential information with source (link) whenever you are sharing your respond so that people will think that your voice is adding information
  3. Make sure that you are adding value to the discussion in your community

Discussion link building can be in form of forums, q and a or blog comments so there are three options to choose from so pick the ones that with highly user/visitor

Guest blogging

Content distribution to websites related to your niche is quite an effective and impressive strategy especially that can help you drive traffic to your website. It can also help you outrank your competitors if you are linking to authority websites.

But keep in mind that you must not manipulatively insert your anchor text as that won't make your link natural. So mainly, avoid using exact match keyword directly to your homepage or landing page.

Tips in using anchor text:
  1. Use long string anchor texts
  2. Use partial match keyword
  3. Use naked  URLs
  4. Use brand name
Also, don't forget to insert the link in your content as author bio links are quite in danger in terms of natural linking and may cause your website to suffer in manual penalty.


Even if the old fashioned link building is no longer working, there are still other ways of building quality links to your website which is still important in the first place. But increasing your profile links alone is not enough to give you the best out of your efforts. You still need to update your website with fresh information whether it is through content, video or images, you must provide what your readers really need.

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