Content Marketing: Guide to promote your business online

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Content marketing is the best way to promote a business or website online. This is also the most popular and widely used by many digital marketers out there in this post penguin era. But as usual, it is easier said than done since the competition in your market industry will become even more complex.

There are several types of content that you can produce to market your website standout in your market competition and this includes:
  • Videos
  • Info-graphics
  • Blog post
This set of strategies that can increase your online exposure on different channels are actually enough to win in your market competition (given the fact that each content you produce is comprehensive and highly informative to your target users) because if it’s not, you are just going to waste your time and effort creating one.

This form of content marketing is actually one of the best ways to attract visitors to visit and come back to your website whenever you publish a video on your website. In this way, your target audience will see your sincerity and dedication to provide them a highly informative presentation.

Your video can be in a form of:

Interviews - Video interviews don't last for a long period of time since, it could be a sort of one on one question and answer that will only benefit your audience in a certain period of time but this will surely attract visitors, social attention and link credit. 

Tutorials - Video tutorials are sort of evergreen content since tutorials are known to last and will continuously attract visitors for a long period of time. Since tutorials can benefit a lot of your target audience, this can go viral in a short period of time especially if your social community is active as Whiteboard Friday.

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Video marketing don't necessarily mean that it's only about promoting your website, business or services online. It  can also be a set of series where your audience would love to listen to and subscribe to for their own benefits.


Information graphics have become a huge success to most digital marketers out there. This form of marketing approach can really make a difference in your text form marketing approach such as guest post or blog post. 

It's also a convenient way for your target audience to understand your message quickly rather than spending hours of reading your long written blog post. Although, blog post or article post itself is really an awesome and undoubtedly effective to compete in your market, you still need to identify which approach is best and fits your audience taste.

There are sever types of info-graphics that you can do from time to time and to diversify your format of creating these graphics to also easily figure out which info-graphic will really get a lot of attention in terms of (social shares, likes and link credits) 
  • The Vs info-graphic
  • Data visualization
  • Timeline
  • The visual article
  • Flow chart
  • Info-bait
  • Number porn
  • Photo info-graphic
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While info-graphics are commonly popular nowadays, they don't all seem to fit or applicable to all industry which makes us marketers responsible to identify which will work best to benefit your business.

Blog post

Having a blog/article section on your website that consistently contains beneficial information to your target audience is the best way to make use of this landing/resource page. Randomly posting of new content to your blog is not going to benefit you in the long run which mean that when publishing posts, make sure that your posts have connection to each other.

So if your blog section talks about business strategies, marketing techniques, link building guide etc. Focus on your topic and don’t mislead or confuse your readers by suddenly changing the course of your content.

Tips in creating blog posts:

Analyze your topic - identify how many people in your industry have written out already your ideas and figure out how you can do better than them. Make your own content stand out by adding fresh information to your content that really adds value to your content to benefit your readers.

Gather information - Use resources to support your blog posts such as another blog post, video recording or info-graphic as backup information. By adding resources and screen shots into your content, most likely that your content will perform well among the others. And this will make your content comprehensive, attractive and look professional in your audience eye.

Development - When writing content, make sure that you do not drive away your visitors by plotting down several topics and too much links to external websites. Be natural when writing your content and think of yourself as the first audience of your content and judge it yourself if your content truly deserves to be published and seen by your audience.

The strategy for your website really matters; building high quality content for your website is the best ingredient to create a high quality content, not to mention the user friendly navigation and all basic aspects of SEO. If all goes well in your content driven marketing strategy, you should expect to receive a little of appreciation such as social share or citation from other related high quality websites.

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