What matters in 2011 and below dont matter in 2013 and beyond

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Truth hurts. No matter how you look and think about it. If you still can’t move on from the past and if you are still doing the same process over and over, you will get hurt continuously. This applies very well in SEO since there are still lots of practitioners are undeniably spending more than 8 hours of work each day to build links and get no long terms results at the end of the day. 

Why? Obviously, it's just because links don’t matter if you only acquire it manipulatively. And eventually, this will cause your website to suffer from penalty.

To make a difference, (which is a mandatory) try to do something that is not listed in don't do list of search engines and focus on providing or giving useful, helpful and real information to your target audience. But first, identify the old school tactics that you are still doing and don't hesitate to take it out of your "things to do". 

Basically, these are the following:

  • Submission link building (articles and web directories)
  • Spam blog commenting (drop and forget thing)
  • Massive guest blogging (contributing huge numbers of content to different websites)
  • Link exchange (link to me and I link to you)
  • Exact Match Anchor Txt (using of exact match keyword "New York insurance services")
  • Paid links (link buying)

Once you made your homework done, you may want to check if the methods that you used are causing you trouble particularly in your SERP rankings by conducting a linkaudit.com. It does not matter if you are still ranking on those methods, once Google rolls out another killer algorithm update, your website will hit the ground.

Real stuff website marketing will happen once you accomplish your link profile checking. The brand new way of promoting a website online is to deliver something useful to your target readers in a form of: (Infographic, Evergreen content, Video, Social attention)


Displaying infographics on your site can actually benefit you in the long run. Since this type of new knowledge sharing idea cannot only give you visitors but can also help you attract links, which is good. It just like you hit 2 birds in one stone. Just remember to really own your infographic so that it will not be republished without you being credited as the owner of your infographic.

Tips in creating infographic:
  1. Keep it simple – Creating a simple infographic does not require you to spend a lot of time dealing with it but at you need to make sure it is outstanding despite being simple.
  2. Make it comprehensive – In order to stand out in your market competition, it is vitally important that your infographic is very detailed and contained all the information required to supply what your infographic is telling.
  3. Make it readable – Of course, to properly make your readers understand your infographic, you should find a way to make your readers know how the flow of information in infographic should be followed.

Evergreen Content

Another one stone that will hit two birds is content on your website that will never seem to grow old. A good example on this one is wikipedia.org. Since this website is an only encyclopedia, the information on this website can be passing down to another generation in your industry. So it is not only required to provide something useful that matters, it's required also to provide something that will last. If you can provide both, then you will attract more new visitors and linkers even if your content is way months old.

Tips in creating Evergreen Content:
  1. Research your topic - I mean, really spend a lot of time looking for supportive informative that you need to make your content comprehensive among your competitors. 
  2. Add interactive images - Don't just plainly publish your content in all text, that's alright but it's much better if your content has some images that are supporting your statement in your content such as a screen shot to supply proof of your work.
  3. Write for knowledge-seeker visitors - Writing comprehensive, actionable and unique content for your website is really a must and should not be treated lightly. Also, providing the needs of your target audience can definitely drive you a lot of visitors in the long run. Giving them what they need is really matters and you can do it freely through tutorials, walk-through or step by step content article.

Video series presentation 

This method may not be useful to other industries but once this method suits you really well, then you should definitely take advantage of it. Just think of whiteboard friday, this type of asset is actually receiving a lot of traffic, social media attention, links and rankings. However, this although this asset is not an evergreen one, this still hits three birds in one shot! What an awesome way to attract people to come and visit your website without spending 40hours of work per week.

Social media promotion

Of course, in order to make your asset go viral, you will have to promote it yourself to where your target audience gather and hang out most of the time. Google+, Fb, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the most common ones that come into our mind when we think about SMM. But keep in mind that all those big six don’t always apply to all. So to save your time, just choose the best channels for you that you will use in the long run.


The best way to increase your site traffic is to consistently provide useful information to your readers which means, no hard core link building campaigns will be implemented. Just real stuff giveaways of information that your target readers will likely to reference to, promote themselves and link to in their future publications

Joseph Gojo Cruz is the author of RankingElite, a Philippine-based Online Marketing blog. Joseph has been working in SEO industry for over 3 years from website audit, link and content development, social media and search engine optimization. Connect with Joseph on Google+Twitter, and Facebook. Joseph is also a contributor on SEJ and Ahrefs.