Effective SEO Strategies and techniques in Post Penguin Era

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Having competitive SEO techniques for any website to compete in its industry is very imperative to succeed in the market competition of a certain website. It’s also a requirement nowadays in the post penguin era to maintain your position in SERP as this is the main reason why you are optimizing a website for search engines. right?

However, despite the fast-paced life span of SEO strategies in the industry, there are still SEO firms who keep on doing the same things over and over just to perform what they wanted to achieve at the end of the day which is, links. So I decided to list down below what real SEO guys are implementing for their campaigns to help a website outrank their competitors.

1. Establishing Trust, Authority, Reputation and Presence (TARP) 

Admit it or not, real SEOs are addicted to publishing their highly informative content on other related high ranking and highly visited websites in their circle such as: SEW, SEJ, MOZ, and more. Why? Obviously, the chances of being seen by thousands of visitors in their industry will have a good impact to their career as SEO.

Also, isn’t it good to share a remarkable high quality content that your target readers will likely to share, promote and reference to by themselves when they are writing their own future content related to yours?

Check out this post of Jenny Halasz about "content optimization on search engine land"

So if you are optimizing a website that is not related to SEO but performing SEO for the website, implement this strategy and continuously providing epic content that your target audience that will really love and also this will help you and your website gain TARP and website visibility in serp:

Trust – Since you are already providing highly informative content, you will likely get the attention of your readers and slowly build trust as they read your posts.

Authority – By consistently providing complete and remarkable details in your content will build you and your website authority within your industry as you will be recognized as a source of highly useful information.

Reputation – Regularly seen on different highly publication websites related to your industry will help your website gain highly respected reputation which will benefit your website in the long run.

Presence – Most importantly, you and your website will gain more exposure as you will be seen in different website as a regular columnist/contributor on highly authority websites.

Bonus tip: Also, you can use the privilege of taking advantage of the opportunity to include your previous publication related to your topic for link baiting strategy to attract people visit your content.

For comprehensive information about link baiting, check out this awesome guidelines of Jason Acidre about link baiting

2.   Forget Keywords and Think Branding

The most effective approach in SEO in the modern era of digital marketing is not to focus on exact match anchor text. Since exact match is already dead because of EMD algorithm of Google, it is quite dangerous to focus on exact match texts when building back links. Also, it does not look natural anymore and it more like manipulative since you are purposely using that certain keyword to rank in search. So check out the importance of branding on this post to see why it's imperative.

Focus on providing the needs of your target audience by doing the following branding strategies that can provide them exactly what they want. 


Branded Page Asset (resources and glossary) - One of the most effective ways to promote a page/s of your website easily is to have a page which you are always updating in a regular basis. It can also be a page that you have already established which will continuously provide useful information for a long period of time. This type of asset will not only attract visitors but also linkers who will use your page asset as their reference on their future publications.

Branded Events – This could be done via online event or offline event. Being able to conduct an event within your industry where highly influencer people gather and meet up to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise in your field will likely to attract not only long term visitors but also mentions and citations. This approach will make its way on top by itself once this approach has become well known by the top influencers in your industry.

Branded Name – The easiest way to rank in local search results first of all, to have links from local place/s which can be achieved through citation (local business listing) By using your company name as your branded keyword will not only help you rank in local search results but also will strengthen your brand presence and awareness online.

Protecting your brand presence: 

§     Content Marketing – To increase your brand visibility in a competitive base, it’s imperative to consistently produce content related to any of your (product, event, page asset and brand) and publish it on high authority websites related to your industry.

§         Participation in community discussions – To protect your brand’s presence online, it’s important to participate in online discussions that are likely to giving or stating negative reviews related to your brand. At the same time, promote your either your product, event or page assent to the community by referencing them to support your answer.

§       Create different channels – Using different platforms to continuously protect your brand presence is the most effective way to maintain your reputation online and in search results. You can use platforms such as:

§  LinkedIn Profiles/Groups
§  Facebook Groups
§  Google Plus Communities
§  Twitter
Bonus tip:

Diversifying your anchor text is also an effective way to avoid manipulative anchor text to your website. You can check out Dr. Pete's post about diversify

For extensive presentation about this section, check out this presentation of Krista Neher

3. Disregard link building and focus on link earning 

Since we are all aware that manufactured links are no longer effective to increase a website ranking in SERP, the best way to achieve inbound links to a website is to have it mentioned through different channels by other people which are probably (journalists, authority bloggers and influencers within your industry)

Also, the link value coming from naturally mentioned links are much heavier than manufactured links such as article directory submissions, web directory submissions and social bookmarking in manipulative way. If your website link profile is only coming from submission websites, then you probably have been hit by spam filter algorithms by search engines.

Build strong author profile – Having a strong author profile is the best way to earn inbound links pointing to the website that you are optimizing. Since being a highly informative content provider in a regular basis (onsite and offsite) probably has his own regular audience/readers that are using and applying your thoughts, ideas and strategies, it will be easy as a pie to earn inbound links pointing to your website.  Also, TARP has already been built on this process and people are already aware of your online presence.

How to do this?

§      § Become a columnist on highly ranking websites in search. 
       § Then provide extensive, actionable and evergreen content that will last for a long period of time.

Build long term relationship – Being involved in active communities and groups related to your niche or industry is the best way to find the right people and the right groups to establish connection that will not only help you promote on their social media profiles, but will also give you a bonus reward which is being referenced on their future publication. 

"Just make sure that the content you are providing is an epic and killer one". Also, participating in their discussions is vitally important as this is going to be the KEY on how people will recognize and acknowledge your presence within their groups.

How to do this?

§       § Participate in social media groups on the following channels: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and make sure to help the communities have what they need and want.

      § Prticipate in Q/A websites and make sure to provide useful answers that will add value to the conversation.

Become an influencer – Becoming an influencer in your industry is highly important and beneficial to your website’s online presence. Since people would rather visit the website that they know providing highly comprehensive content that exactly giving what they want and need.

Becoming an influencer? How to do this?

§    § Provide infographics – Infographics are good and one good way to attract inbound links.

§         § Provide Videos – Videos that contain highly extensive information has the possibility to go viral can attract more inbound links and traffic as well.

§           § Provide Presentations – People like presentations and has the ability to drive traffic to a website on its own if the information provided is highly competitive.

§      § Provide Killer content – Being able to provide highly comprehensive content that your target readers would enjoy reading will have overwhelming amount of acceptance and will have the ability to go viral and drive more traffic to the website.

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