How to get qualified traffic to a website or blog?

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A lot of bloggers and website owners are spending a lot of efforts and dedication to make their websites or blog popular and highly visited by their target audience. They always give their best shot on their marketing efforts to make this possible and to make their website standout in the niche competition they are involve in.

However, not all strategies and efforts always give the best result and sometimes they get frustrated and disappointed because despite of their hard work, nothing has been accomplished and help them succeed on their goals. But this should not be the reason why they must put an end to their online journey and end up being such a failure as there are effective approaches that can be really useful to the website or blogs that they are promoting and these are:

Group discussion - Group discussion is widely known as one of the active platforms of communicating to one person to another. This can give you huge online benefits which will benefit your website in the long run and you as an active member of the group. Group discussion can be in forum or blog commenting on highly visited websites related to your niche.
  • Forum - Many people don’t seem to paying a lot of attention to forum sites as that are probably thinking that it is only a waste of time and effort but I am totally disagree with that opinion. Forum sites like warriorforum and webmaster forum sites are a great source of information, help and advice by many active members. If you pay attention to forums sites and other users acknowledged your intelligence, you will be able to drive them to your website by dropping a link in one of your answers. Just keep in mind that you should only take advantage if this opportunity in an ethical or natural way as your efforts of building authority in forum sites can be ruined once you start promoting your own website.
  • Blog commenting -Another form of participating in active discussion is through blog commenting. Being part of active commentators on high traffic websites can give you the best result as well. However, make sure that you are not promoting your website and encourage people to click on your links as this violates that rule of blog commenting. Blog commenting tends to enable the readers show their opinion below the content after they read it and of your approach is only to drop and forget your link; you will never succeed in this method.
Content distribution - The best way of getting the attention of readers to come and visit your website is through remarkable and highly competitive content. This can be through blogging, document sharing or file sharing.
  • Guest contributor - Regularly contributing content on top websites in your industry is really a good way of attracting potential people to click and visit your website. Just keep in mind that in order to succeed on this approach is to write something that your target readers would enjoy. Also, make sure that your content is actionable and comprehensive so that you will be able to make your readers impress which can trigger them to promote, share and bookmark your guest post to their own network and communities.
  • Document sharing - Another type of popular ways to attract and drive more visitors to a website is through document on document sharing website such as slideshare. This type of approach is definitely widely known by many internet marketers and has been proven effective many months ago. There are only two ways that I can think of to effectively share content on document sharing websites and these are PDF and Slideshows.
Q&A sites – Believe it or not, highly visited question and answer websites are full of potential members looking for qualified information. This includes advanced and beginner members of q&a websites which can turn into a regular visitors of your blog/website if they find your content/posts informative and highly competitive. Imagine if you are one of the active members of a well known and visited q.a such as Yahoo answer, Wiki Answer, and providing useful and informative answers to your fellow members, you will likely to attract visitors to go and visit your website.

Interviews – One of the most proven working really well to generate qualified traffic to websites or blogs is to conduct interviews with highly respected bloggers in your industry. Especially if the person you are interviewing is very much respected and recognized by many individuals in your industry. However, interviews alone don’t succeed if this is your only way to drive traffic to your website as people don’t always look back on interviews twice compare to comprehensive and actionable content.

Having this kind of approach to generate and drive traffic to a blog is quite challenging as it requires a lot of time and dedication to succeed. However, the more you pay attention to developing your brand within your industry, the more you will become recognized and well known not only by newbie but also professionals which will make you succeed in the long run.

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