Google Page Rank Update: What to expect?

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There have been a lot of blogs written about the upcoming PageRank update of Google. Everyone is also waiting for the results of their marketing efforts to benefit their websites in terms of ranking factor. It is also the best way to determine how authoritative a website is in its industry. However, not all websites will benefit from PageRank update and not everyone should expect good results.

There are some factors that we should consider doing and focus on if we would like to increase the page rank of our website. But this does not guarantee you that it will give you the best results right away. This will only guarantee you that it will be very useful for you, your business and your websites in the long run. But before we jump into the techniques, let’s first discuss what benefits that we might get from having higher page rank.

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What to expect in May 2013 Google Page Rank Update?
  • Increases of Attraction – One of the great benefits that our website can get from having a good rank on Google is it will get more attention of other people. Believe me on this, it’s definitely correct. People are sometimes bias; they click on the websites with higher PR and when they do search for resources, some of them will go directly on websites with a decent page rank as they know and believe that websites with higher page rank is more resourceful than the lower ones.
  • Increases of Reputation – Once your website reaches a PR 5 or more, it will definitely build reputation to your website. People will often come back to check your website for good information and expect of tons of visitors that may come to your website from different platforms such as; social media, referrals, direct and organic.
  • Good Website Impression – This would also increase your CTR whenever your website appears in SERPs with the keyword provided related to your website. Most probably, your website will be listed in the first page of Google since you are recognized by Google as a good source of information within your niche.

So those are just a quick description of how your website will benefit from the PR update. There are some ways that you should practice to keep the flow of juices coming in to your website to help you increase the chances of getting higher PR.

Ways to increase your Page Rank
  • Guest Post – Contributing content for another website is actually a good idea. It is a new type of knowledge contribution on a website in a form of writing. It is also the best way of acquiring new visitors to a website in terms of referral. If you are able to guest post on a website with high domain authority, page rank and higher volume of visitors per month, definitely, your website will benefit from that website.
  • Frequently Update your website with quality content – Having your website updated through posts is a good idea. It is also the best way to pass juices of high quality links you acquired
  • Avoid Do-Followed on external sites – Well, it is obvious that if you have external links on your website and if they are do-followed, certainly, your website will pass juices on another website which you won’t benefit anything from or whatsoever.
  • Avoid Too much Web Advertisements – Your website will not look professional and interesting if your display many ads in footer, banner, and sidebar ads. Even in ads in the middle of content. It is something that over advertisements displayed which is something that Google does not like and it in Google’s point of view; this is considered as a type of link selling.
  • Limit guest posts on your blog – Having guest posts content on a website is an opportunity that will benefit both parties. However, if the content on your website are mostly from your guest contributors and your very own content is outnumbered by the guest posts, the flow of juices on your website is definitely will be distributed on other websites as well.

If you value the juices coming in to your website, then let’s not give it away with the websites linked to your websites freely. It is something that should work hard for in a form of content contribution in a limited way and in a quality way.

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