Keys to Increase Website Ranking

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It has been a popular question by many website owners and SEO experienced individuals what are the factors affecting their website ranking in SERP to get more organic visitors and increase the performance of a website. It is also to figure out which of our SEO techniques are working and not. There have been a lot of SEO Tips and off page optimization guides that were posted online to share a bit of information that some readers may find useful and effective to increase the link popularity of their website.

Increase Link Popularity while Building Community

The key and most necessary part in SEO is to make your website become popular by doing link building while engaging to the people within your niche. It is quite difficult to maintain though as many SEO strategies are only building links with no purpose at all but to gain links from other website such as article marketing. But fortunately, Google in particular has devalued the links coming from article websites and as a result of this; SEO guys have decreased spamming article websites.

Keys to Increase Website Ranking

There are three ways to build high quality links and at the same time build a connection with the people who often visit these websites by tweet, +1, FB like, share their posts on your social medial accounts. But it is much better to respond to their posts and comments to share your views on a particular topic they written about.

  1. Guest Blog Posting only on active blogs and not on company maintained blogsI know we all want to gain more and more links but what will happen on our valuable guest blog post contribution if it will only be shared on a company maintained blog site which is not going to be read by anyone? The main reason why we are writing blog to contribute to other website is to share our knowledge and be read by their readers and hoping that few of their regular readers, followers and subscriber would find out about our website and become a prospect customer. It would also give a good SEO value if our contribution on another website will be highly visited by many people as it is no doubt that our post will be shared, liked, plus 1 and even bookmarked by them.
  2. Post on HubPages & Squidoo and follow the people who are writing about the niche that you are onIsn’t it a good idea to have an active account on these two crowded websites? With a large number of people posting about personal experiences, ideas, knowledge sharing and more. You just need to find the right category of your selected topic you would like to become active with and you will get to meet a lot of people focusing on the same niche that you are on. Imagine if we post an impressive article on those websites and put a link of our very own website, there is no doubt that once our contribution has become popular, it would give huge amount traffic and impact to our website which is one of the keys to website ranking.
  3. Social Signals (Social Bookmarking and Social Media Marketing)One of the easiest and fastest way for a website to be seen, reached by your target audience and indexed by search engines is to be shared on social websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Digoo. Since social bookmarking websites are frequently visited by search engine bots, there is a higher possibility that a URL we submitted to be bookmarked will be reached by bots and voted up, and rebookmark of regular.

Getting your website ranked on SERP is not always hard and not always easy, we just need to find the right people and open up the right door to keep our goals and SEO strategy stay on track of our off page optimization and not to waste our efforts and hard work to share our knowledge and contribution to your industry.

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