SEO Strategies That Will Bring Your Website Down

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SEO link building has been developing and continuously helping a website to increase its search visibility and link popularity to gain online authority. It is the most effective but hardest way to have a website promoted and market online since SEO strategies has been unstable when search engine, Google in particular started to roll out their algorithm spam filter which normally targeting unnatural linking and practice.

Having a website ranked on SERP and having good online reputation should always be your prioritize and if you would like to have your website keep its online presence trustworthy, you should not commit to any unethical practice that will surely hit your website which are indicated below.

Paid Links – Buying links to pass link juice is a big NO in SEO and if your links are from paid links, you are only wasting your money, put your website and business at risk. Many websites that were penalized by search engines probably had paid links and if you don’t want your website to be penalized, don’t even think of trying. Also, search engines don’t support buying links and they never even recommended it at all. 

Types of Paid links
  • Link exchange in form of content – It sounds like equivalent exchange right? But if you think about it suspiciously, you will realize that you are trading links by being linked to each other which is considered unnatural linking.
  • Pay per Post (PPP) – One of the most common buying links is to directly contact the webmaster and offer or propose a specific amount of money in exchange of link from the webmaster’s website. 

Keyword Stuff – Writing good content is a must in SEO in order to provide useful information for the benefits of our valuable readers. If we attempt to reiterate our content to increase the keyword density, this will only give negative impact on our site and we may drop the trust of our respective readers. Normally, keyword density in an average 400 words content should be 3 to 4 times used and over that, it is considered as keyword stuff.

Duplicate Content – Writing good and quality content is necessary. It is an important practice to avoid imitating another’s idea and view about something that you are writing about. Uniqueness is extremely important which is why you must be detailed and direct to the point when you provide your own content.

Spam links – Building links is one of the essential parts of SEO as it is the reference how your website is going to rank. If you are building links from irrelevant pages and websites which violate the search engine guidelines, your website will not going to benefit from the links coming from those websites. More or less, your site will be penalized or derank from SERP.

Practicing good SEO Techniques on your website is the most effective and advisable for any website that will practice SEO. It is also useful for a long term process if you are planning to keep your website for a longer period of time. Although, there is no assurance that you will not be hit by search engine algorithm, you must still follow and adhere on their guidelines.

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