Essential Blogging Tips to Increase Your Page views

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Blogging is the most popular ways to earn money online and a lot of people have been dedicated to promoting their own blog and look forward to drive more visitors in various ways such as social media or blog commenting. However, it is not quite easy to compete with other blogs and make ours stand out among these fully established blogs. But there are some ways that you might be interested in or may get your attention to increase your blog page views.

  • Create and establish your own Social Media Network – Creating social media pages on various social media platforms can potentially increase your visitors. Moreover, if you have a lot of online friends that you are continuously and actively communicating with. Imagine of 50% of your online friends visited your newly posted content on your blog and 25% of them shared it to their pages. This could potentially make your post appear on different websites with the help of your online friends.
  • Follow influential People in your industry – Following influential people in your industry could also make huge difference. Assuming that you are in SEO industry and you know some huge and well-known individuals who have gained credibility and reputation online like Matt Cutts and Randy Frishkin. Following these two celebrities could give your website a huge amount of traffic and if or when for some reason, they repost, retweet or leave a comment on one of your blog posts; this would make your blog stand out because being noticed by these celebrities will give a rewarding impact to your blog.
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  • Interlinking of related pages – One good ways of increasing your page views is to interlink your pages based on its connection to each other. The main purpose of interlinking is to support each other relating to their content as additional information. Imagine if you have a popular post which receives a lot of page views and you have pages linked to that post, there is a huge chance that your linked pages will be visited as well by your visitors.
  • Build Trust Factor – Most importantly, in order to gain more page views, is to necessarily that our content is reliable, informative and will not drive away the attention of our readers by diverting the flow of your content to different ways. It is necessary that we should always be direct to the point and has a detailed explanation of our content. By building trust factor, there is a higher opportunity that your new visitors will return and read your newest posts that might help them with their queries.

Blogging is an exciting way to share our knowledge to everyone and to help them gain new ideas or build their own strategies based on a blog post that we posted. So it is extremely important that we only post high quality content that will be useful for other people. Also, blogging has been the most essential part of SEO and a lot of people have been focusing on guest blogging as a part of their SEO strategies to build online brand.

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