Tips in Getting High Quality Links

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High quality links are very important in calculating a website’s SEO performance. Search engine algorithms are also looking how a link is gotten or built to determine if a particular website is violating their guidelines. If your links are from spammy websites, your website may not perform well in SERP due to the low value of the links pointing to your website even if you always update your website with awesome content regularly, it could become useless and your efforts could be wasted.

There are few ways to get high quality links from authoritative or trusted websites that have never done any violating rules in search engine’s guidelines. However, it could be really hard to get a link from them as they are “picky” but it is surely better to obtain links from them than from spammy websites. Mostly, people prefer to build hundreds of links from article websites to get more traffic from popular article sites like EzineArticles, Squidoo and Hubpages than to guest post in a niche related blog with links from other highly respected blogs within their niche. Building links on high quality article websites are fine and could give you more customers if you are after huge amount of traffic but may not have good link value if you are after quality links because Google Panda has already hit major article sites.

Nowadays, as SEO is becoming more complex and the best way to acquire a link is to guest post within your niche. Sounds easy but it is the hardest part in off-page optimization because webmasters are not just accepting guest posting. They are also analyzing how you build your links and if they notice something unusual behaviour in your link building campaign, they may just reject your content. But if they found nothing on your off-page optimization, the chances of getting your guest post accepted and published on another niche related website is higher.

But where you can find blogs within your niche where you can guest post your blog on? There are few ways to find blogs related in your niche and you must choose which ones are always up to date, to not to waste your effort guest blogging on not updated blogs.

Here are few ways:
  • Google Blog Search
  • Blog Roll
  •  Check the website of people who commented on a particular blog post
  •  Use blog search tool
However, writing good content is not easy as pie. It requires more than just effort and dedication, research and enough information to provide something informative and useful to your target readers. It is also difficult to identify if your idea is similar to another guest blog post somewhere online. Therefore, it is highly important that your idea and your content is one of a kind.

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