Build Your Network in Blog Commenting Through G+ and FB

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Blog commenting is no longer that effective because of the Google algorithm update and also because the credibility of blog commenting has been degraded, search engines do not give any value on links coming from comments. Therefore, blog sites have chosen to nofollow tag all the comments that will be dropped on each of their blog posts. Since then, blog commenting has become unpopular. 

However, there are still people practicing blog commenting but these people are not trying to get backlinks from other blogs; they are only building a network and at the same time, enlarge the popularity of their website.
Build Your Network in Blog Commenting Through G+ and FB

There are few ways to build a network and it should work perfectly fine. With a help of social media while looking for blog sites that you can comment on, you could build your own network within your niche.

Create a social media account

Create a social media account using a real person and add or follow the administrator of a particular site within your niche on the social media account that you have just created. Also, make a relationship with other people who have been actively commenting on that website and build a relationship with them by adding them on your newly created social media accounts.

Sharing the post that you will comment on in your social media

In order to contribute and help a blog post in your network become popular, share them on your social media pages, like or plus 1 their posts to let the people in your circle or friends know about the new information that you have just read.

By doing the people in your network a favour, you are doing yourself one as well. You may be able to gain their trust and will eventually do what you are doing for them. Also, if you are planning to guest post, you could just simply contact the people in your network and no need to look around online.

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