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Forum posting is one of the hardest task to accomplish in SEO and it also depends on the niche that you wanted your link building to gain success to. Forum posting is not that popular and used by the SEO guys and because most SEO guys are after link farming, they are not aware of the benefits they can get out of it. 

Forum posting is knowledge sharing, discussion of thoughts and views on a particular niche and at the same time, earn backlinks which benefits your website. But it is not always easy to have your post accepted by the site moderators as it is strictly moderated! However, the more knowledgeable you are in their discussion, the more chances have to earn a link to your website.

There are forum posting websites available on the internet and it is just only a matter of queries you will type in search engines to look for the ones that right for you.

Here are some forum websites.


Look for forum discussion in the same niche that you are focusing and contribute your knowledge to their discussion. Adding some useful information to their discussion can have a good impact to your strategy and as a result of this, you may also become part of their community which can build strong traffic to your website.

It is important to be informative and educational you are in your discussion when contributing something to the group and as time goes by, when you become able to make a brand in your forum discussion, you can have your own forum discussion about your niche and you may continue sharing your knowledge to your community.

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