Build a Community to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Community is one of the good sources of traffic to websites, the more members you have in your community, the good chances of visitors you can have daily, monthly or yearly. However, not everyone can build a community over the night and it is not something that can be done in a week, or in a month. Building a community takes time and it requires effort, time and dedication of the administrator to provide the needs of his community member.

In social media, building a community is one of the difficult tasks to accomplish, because you need to build your target audiences' trust, attention and loyalty. But once you have built their trust and loyalty, a huge amount of traffic and leads will come into your website. There are many advice and tutorial on how to reach and keep your target audience but adding few some may be a bit of help.

Ideas on how to gain public trust in Social Media

  • Find your target audience - It is difficult to find your target audience. However, if your business is focusing in local area, you can do a video as a marketing technique on about introducing your business services and announce it in your personal Facebook account, where your friends are dear and close to you. Eventually, the link of your video will be shared by your friends to be seen by their friends and so on.
  • Get your audience's attention - Once you have got your audiences' attention through video marketing,  keep them updated through the video about promotional, product reviews or news  in your business which are seen on your website. By consistently keeping your audience updated, you will be able to build their public trust and you will be able to keep them and not lose in the middle of nowhere.
  • Make an online group or channel in social media dedicated to your audience - Most importantly, your audiences need to be recognized. Each of them has contribution to your website traffic and it is necessary to acknowledge each of them by creating a group where each voice of your target audience is heard by you, about your business.

Building a community online is one of the difficult task to accomplish and it is important that you value your audience the way you value your personal friends. Their traffic contribution to your website is the paid off out of your effort to keep them informed about the newest updates in your business. It is also one of they keys to success in your business whatever business industry you are in. 

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