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March 06, 2014

How to optimize a site for local SEO

Optimizing a website for local or international market is definitely an important thing that an SEO has to accomplish in order to compete online. This is the best way to help your website rank in search and drive organic visitors to your website that can lead to leads, subscriber or customers.

Although the importance of local SEO for local businesses is very crucial, there are still some important factors that SEOs are missing when optimizing a website for local audience. Since having a complete optimized website for local search gives huge opportunities for local businesses, implementing the methods below might be able to help in the long run.

Acquire TLD extension

The best and important factor to begin with that you must acquire for your online business is to purchase a domain extension reflecting to your target country such as domain.ca domain.co.uk domain.ph domain.com etc. By having that kind of online name can help search engines know that you are specifically targeting local audience and not international.

Also, TLDs are already powerful to rank for their target countries compare to domin.com targeting the same country as it does not seem to be targeting local audience. So having website with Top Level Domain extension is really necessary.

Submit to local business listings

Aside from having TLD extension, it is also important that you build your exposure in local business directories of your target country. In this way, you expand your online presence that can be seen by your target audience. So if you are targeting a country like new zealand, i would not recommend building links to business directories with TLDs of domain.co.nz and not to domain.ca or domain.com for several reason:

  • You will only look like a spammer, building links from other business directories.
  • You can’t relevant drive your target audience from other countries as they are not as the same location with yours. 
  • Your business's online credibility will decrease if Google detects your manipulative tactics to inbound links.
  • You will likely be penalized for building international links whereas your target audience is local only.

Build local links only

Another important thing to keep in mind is when you are doing SEO for local clients, ONLY acquire links from websites of your target country to pass authority and drive your target audience mainly build relationship to people that you can communicate with.

Basically, you can build local links through common link building methods but you have to leverage the tactic for your own benefits without having to manipulate your link profile, such as:
  • Comment marketing - Use your real name and provide additional information with unique and positive response in your comments.
  • Guest blogging - Produce high quality written content for the benefits of your audience without using exact match keyword as anchor texts
  • Broken linkbuilding - Finding 404 pages or dead links normally on resource pages and offer link replacement for dead links
  • Resource pages finding - Looking for resource pages on other websites in your industry and the same country and request of a link inclusion for additional exposure of your website

For complete list of SEO techniques, visit this blog post of Brian Dean.

Create appealing page titles and page descriptions

To ensure that you will generate potential leads and drive traffic to your pages from organic traffic, creating appealing and unique title and description to all your pages is really a must. Since attracting your audience through your Meta data is really imperative, making it actionable, informative and unique with your keywords applied the right and natural way can help you compete in SERP.

Tips in creating page title and page descriptions

  • Write a compelling advertisement copy
  • Avoid duplicate Meta data
  • Use only 15-160 characters to ensure that your meta data will all appear in search.

If you can create compelling and attractive meta data, this will help you gain more CTR in search and drive organic traffic to your website.

Implement breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs help visitors track their previous pages they visited. This can help you improve their user experience throughout your website and give them an easier way of navigation on your website.

Best practices:
  • Do Not Use Breadcrumbs as a Page Heading
  • Categorize Pages Clearly
  • Use Breadcrumbs at the Top of a Page
  • Use Breadcrumbs Consistently

Setup authorship markup

Another important on page SEO that can help your website increase its organic visit is to implement authorship markup. This markup can help you make your position in serp much appealing by having your picture appear next to your meta data.

Why is this important?
  • People are bias on their clicks - They tend to click more often on results with authorship markup 
  • It helps your organic position become much more appealing.
  • Having authorship markup shows your audience your ownership of your content in SERP

Final word

Having your website set up locally for your audience can help you easily be discovered easily. Also, search engines will find your website easy to identify, crawl, index and most importantly rank for your target key phrases. But keep in mind that ranking for your target keywords should not be your priority, although this is the most important factor you must achieve for your business. Focusing on providing quality and informative content is the best way to achieve all your online marketing goals such as traffic, authority, popularity, exposure and more.

February 15, 2014

Safe Link Building Guide for Every Industry

Building links that point to your website is really crucial, knowing that links are still important in search position ranking factors and to discover if your link building efforts practice manipulative approach to rank better in search. According to Google, they use more than 200 signals to determine how a webpage is ranked for different keyword phrases and links is one of the signals they use evaluate a webpage how it will perform.

Since SEO has negative connotations due to aggressive manipulative approach by trying hard marketers out there, link building has become quite complicated for ethical internet marketers who follow search engine guidelines. However, although link building has become dangerous and may cause penalization if done aggressively and incorrectly, there are still some ways that you can do to build links to your website from old to advanced and recent tactics. Let’s get started

Local Business Listing

One of the essential factors of link building is to create a listing on business listing website in your area. Knowing that this will help your visitors find where your business is physically located, they can also write a review of how you are performing in front of them which is visible to your potential audience as well. At the same time, you can send good signal to Google with your brand or business name being used as the anchor text for your business listing.


I know that Local SEO is very crucial especially if you are targeting limited area, acquiring links from local business directories for your location will help you expand your exposure, get connected to customers. Also, you can request to your customers to write review for your business listing, share their experiences online through business review.

Why is this important?

  • This can give you followed links to your website
  • Your customers can help promote your business online especially if you get good business reviews
  • Your exposure to widely audience can standout and attract more potential customers
  • This can help you increase your ranking in search for local term key phrases

List of Profile Sites that can be optimized for a COMPANY name:

  • Google+ Business Page
  • Google Places (critical for a local business)
  • Yahoo Local (critical for a local business)
  • Bing Business Portal
  • Merchant Circle
  • Yellow Bot
  • Super Pages
  • Yellow Pages
  • Manta
  • HotFrog
  • Local Best of the Web
  • Yelp
  • Kudzu
  • About Us
  • In Local
  • In Company
  • Lookup Page
  • City Search
  • Bigsight
  • City Search

Profile Link Building

Another one good way to build inbound links to your website is to use profile creation sites that allow putting a URL on the about section of your page. Although this technique may not seem very exciting and challenging, this still can help you send ranking power to your domain and can be used to diversify your link profile. The good thing about this is you can use your brand name or business name as anchor text which will help exposure for your business.

The good thing about profile link building is that you can promote your website, your services, your links and other information such as social channels with all FREE of cost. Although this can’t give you dofollow links, the benefit you can get from here is just crazy.

Image Link Building

Turning your images into links is just really something very unique. Although the method isn’t very new, this method is very legit and can be used in different way such as:

  • Submitting your images to image hosting sites (Flckr, Tumblr etc)
  • Allowing bloggers in your industry to use your content on their blog
  • Linking your own images in your content whenever you distribute content in your industry

You can also use your images for social updates whenever you publish one. So if you don’t have awesome content to share yet in your social media accounts, maybe share your product images etc.

Guest Blogging

Stick a fork in it? Hell no! Although Google don’t trust links from guest blogging, it is still a very good way to acquire high quality links, build exposure and drive traffic. The only unfortunate thing about guest blogging is it has been abused over time through manipulative approach of using exact-match keyword anchor text, irrelevant and promotional texts.

The main key to succeed in guest blogging is to distribute a real content that give high value to your audience, since Google loves original content a lot, they won’t ignore high quality content guest posted by you to make it rank in search especially if your content has earned legit links and has become viral in social media.

The right way of using guest blogging:

Find the most relevant website or blogs to your website
Create a list of prospect websites with authority ranging from 40-100
Write longer content that you usually do – 2k to 3k word count
Naturally insert your link to support your statement in your content

Reversed link profile engineering

Knowing where your competitors are linking to is a good way to find potential links for your domain. Given that your competitors have acquired decent links, you can discover potential links where you can link from as well. In this way, you will also have a chance to acquire the links that your competitors have. However, you have to make sure that the website you will link to is authority, higher ranking and decent domain in your industry.

Repurpose content

Creating different format of your higher ranking content, higher visits and highest user engagement can be repurposed for another type of content such as info-graphic, video or article. If you can make it more comprehensive than the original content that you repurposed. If you can identify these type of content in Google Analytics > landing pages, you will then discover which of your content tend to have a lot of visits, social share and with users engagement.

Keep in mind that you have to make it much comprehensive so your audience will not get bored when they read your content so adding information and relevant strategies can actually help. 

Broken link building

Another good source of finding potential links to your website is to look for dead links in resource pages of other websites in your industry. You can also use Wikipedia.org to find broken links and discover link opportunities for your website. And once you have discovered the dead links on the pages that you will find, run them in back link explorer that you prefer and once you have a list of referring pages on that specific link, spend some time on finding opportunities for that you can use for your benefits.

For detailed tutorial on this method, check Brian Dean's awesome post here.

Final word

Links are one of the ranking factors by search engine to determine if your website is practicing strategies that did not pass their quality guidelines. So building links to your website in a right and safe way can actually help you rank better in the long run and won't prone your website into penalty if search engines roll out an algorithm update.

January 21, 2014

Guest blogging: The right way in 2014

Stick a fork in it. Whew! What a word coming from the head of slam team of Google! Well obviously, if you do guest blogging in a large scale, you definitely will get a lot from it but only for a short period of time, especially if you are guest blogging for links. I'm sure that guest blogging gives high quality links and decent traffic from the websites of your choice.

However, after the declaration of Matt Cutts about guest blogging, do you think you still need to practice it? I mean, should you totally stop guest blogging for exposure? Definitely not! I mean, you can still do guest blogging but in a very careful way as you never want to get a message from Google spam team saying that you are manipulating your links.

The proper way of doing guest blogging should be this simple:

  • Don't spam
  • Don't blog for links
  • Don't waste your time writing shit content
  • Don't do overdo it

Don't spam

Spammers are the enemy of Google. Google is obviously killing them one by one, slowly but surely, algorithmically or manually. So if you don't want to become one of them and be killed by Google, make your content worth reading to, worth sharing to and worth bookmarking to.

I know that you don't also want to disappoint your readers. You want to give them something unique and useful information for their benefits. You also dont want to annoy them by stuffing your content with your target keywords right? So stop doing this shit anymore and focus on something that will increase your authority in your industry.

You can do this by:

Don't bias on your links - Use other content related to your topic and not just yours
Don't link too much - I know you have researched your topic really well so don't over refer to other content
Don't promote yourself - Be natural, don't market yourself on other blogs, just focus on giving them good content and conversion will follow!

Don't blog for links

Guest blogging for links is the most annoying term that I've heard about it. It's not like that. The main reason why Matt Cutts put an end to Guest blogging is because of manipulative SEO practitioners that are only after ranking and decent position in SERP. And because of this, high scale guest blogging have been facilitated to build inbound links for their target keywords.

I know links are important. You cant win in SEO if you never built a single link back to your website. But doing it in a wrong and high scale can definitely put you at risk rather than put you at the top.

However, you can avoid this by doing the following methods:

Nofollow your links - this can still help you drive traffic visitors to your website but it does not give huge help for your SEO

Don't over blogging - Instead, become a contributor on established blogs in your industry to build trust to your audience and dont practice one-content blogging at a site.

Dont waste your time writing shit content

Obviously, the main reason why you are writing content is to build strong profile to your online presence. This means, you only have to focus on giving them useful content that they will more likely be happy to share to their friends.

I know you want to guest blog as often as possible. But you have to write something that will not add value to your industry. And more importantly, don't copy or replicate the idea of other people as you will be outrank by them.

Tips in creating content:

Provide insightful information to your readers
Research your topic very carefully
Be very unique and produce well written content

Don't overdo it

Yes, that's it. Making guest blogging as your link resources is definitely will stick a fork in you! Contributing content to all blogs in your industry is not building your online authority, which might help you rank for a short period time but you get spotted by Google, then you dead.

I know blogging gives free exposure and links but having this kind of link profile isn't going to help you in your SEO in the long run. If you want to succeed in guest blogging, have it scheduled and put it in a low moderate priority.

Guest blogging.. The term itself does not sound illegitimate. But unfortunately, it has been widely abused by some ranking-concerned digital marketers. Although the strategy seems to be undergoing some critical issue, we can still help it become legitimate by adhering to search engine's quality guidelines which is to provide highly informative content that will last.

January 18, 2014

Simplified SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the essential methods to drive relevant traffic, increase your revenue and make your company stand out in organic search in terms of ranking and CTR click through rates. Also, to strengthen your website’s presence within its industry, build authority and establish trust from your target audience.

We all know that SEO industry have changed several times and still changing, in terms of making a website gain more exposure, reputation, authority within its industry and more importantly, ethical optimization which follows and adhere to search engine guidelines. We all know this can be done in some difficult ways; but there are some methods to do it without having to worry of being penalized in terms of optimizing your website to help search engines understand what really your website is about.

Let’s get started..

Optimizing your website is the most important part of SEO, making your website more indexable, crawlable and more importantly, user friendly website where your visitors will not be confused during their visit on your website. Having said that, performing the following recommended optimization issues need to be implemented on any website.

Create appealing meta-data

Meta data provides relevant information to search engines of what pages your website is about. This helps them understand and identify what content your pages have based on your meta-title and meta-description. And by providing well-written meta-data can help you get more CTR and better position in SERP.

Tips in creating meta-data:
Include your brand name in your title tag
Use all characters and be very creative in writing description of your pages

Provide in-depth articles

Creating comprehensive articles for your audience won’t only help you gain their trust but this can also help you earn links that you deserve over time. Also, appearing in in-depth article section of SERP in your industry will obviously help you get decent amount of organic clicks which are obviously your target audience. However, appearing in in-depth articles section of Google may require some technical task. But this guide from Google can help you get the job done.


Use schema.org article markup
Provide authorship markup
Provide information on organization's logo

Why is this important?

Appearing in in-depth article section shows that your content is providing remarkable information
This can help you drive organic visitors
This can give your brand a strong online presence

Create Hummingbird Friendly Articles

Content is definitely the most important factor that Google looks at when analyzing a website’s worth aside from inbound links. With that being said, providing content that will still be useful to your audience over a period of time is definitely important. Since you don’t want to create content that have expiration date or seasonal content which only lasts for a specific time frame.

Since you want Google to love your website in terms of providing useful content, write something that will give high value to your audience which is the main goal of search engines, to help their audience get the answers they need.

We all know that not all types of content are created equal. If you are building your authority through your content, make sure that you write unique, remarkable and useful piece for your audience such as content ideas below:

  • Educational
  • Conversational
  • In-depth analysis
  • Case studies

Implement Semantic Markup

Another important technical SEO approach is to implement structured data on your website to have it appeared appealing on SERP. Although it does not help you with your rankings, it helps your website attract visitors by highlighting information from your website in SERP via reach snippets.

Types of Semantic Markup

Tables and Bulleted list

Incorporating semantic markup is really crucial if you are seriously promoting your products, pages, location etc on SERP to provide enough information to your audience.

Implement authorship markup

Appearing your professional photo on SERP right before your content is definitely an important thing to keep in mind when optimizing your website. This can help you show your full ownership to your content and at the same time, establish your authority in your industry. More importantly, people tend to be bias on their clicks; they only prefer to click on the results with authorship markup implemented, so having your website with Google Authorship markup setup is very crucial.
Implementing authorship markup isn’t very hard to accomplish as Google provides all the requirements and tool needed when setting up your very own authorship markup and these are as follows:

  • Google+ profile with your professional photo
  • Website or Blog
The Process
  • Edit the contributor section of your Google+ account which is visible in the about section of your profile, add the link of your website to the URL section

  • Add “rel=author” to the end string of your Google+ URL, Anchor Text
  • Ensure that your Google+ URL is linked in the Author Bio section of your content to make this work.

So make sure that your Google+ URL is included on all website that you are contributing to show full credit of ownership on your Google+ profile.

Internal linking

Connecting your pages internally based on relevancy is really vital in terms of SEO as this will help crawlers discover other pages on your website through links. Also, this can make your visitors stay longer on your website as they go through your content and click on the links within your content. Having said that, here are some important tactics to keep in mind when internally linking your pages such as:

Add your important pages’ links to visible part of your website such as footer links
Use your articles to link your pages
Implement breadcrumbs

By implementing internal linking on your website can help you distribute the ranking power of your pages to other pages of your website and establish information hierarchy on your website.

Implement breadcrumbs

One helpful way to help your visitors don’t get confused and easily backtrack your audience’s adventure on your website is to provide them track their location. This can help improve your website’s internal linking and semantic markup on your website.

This type of navigation is really useful for ecommerce websites as websites that have thousands of links can be really confusing to some people who are not internet-savvy. So implementing breadcrumbs navigation to help your visitors browse on your website is definitely important.

Final word

By focusing on-page SEO and providing useful content for your website is definitely much better than building hundreds of artificial links to your website as you are not even sure of it will benefit you a lot from it. Therefore, optimizing your website to make search engines understand your content is really important to get the right people from the right place. Implementing important SEO techniques to make your website standout in your industry can help you outrank your competitors in SERP. You only need to be very creative and intelligent to providing information that will be displayed on your website whether it is via rich snippets or a whole bunch of article.

January 03, 2014

Complete Link Building Plan for 2014

Creating a link building plan is essential. This can help us focus to achieve our goals and help us maintain our method in acquiring links for the websites which can help us drive targeted traffic and obtain high quality links. We all know that the SEO industry keeps evolving which always leads to devaluing method in acquiring links and putting our website at risk.

In the first month of the year and from here on, having a competitive link building plan to market a website in the industry that you’re in can help you not only become popular in your industry but this can also help you succeed in your market space.

The purpose of this post is to help you not only build links but establish your online presence and gain authority from the right place, right people and right time in your industry. So let’s get started.

Establish Your Presence

In the beginning, establishing your online presence could be really difficult and frustrating. Especially if you don’t know where to begin when marketing your website as this can waste your time and effort if you unconsciously market and promote your website in the wrong place. Although you promoted it within your industry, you cannot expect to get the results that you deserve and you don’t know if this will reach your target audience right?

But you can change that anxiety by incorporating the following methods below in the proper way of communicating to your audience and at the same time, helping them to learn something new. 

Build Strong Relationship

Relationship is the best foundation that each marketer needs to establish online. Since connections can help you not only promote your site but also can give you high quality links to your website in a way of interview, curated posts or being mentioned as referenced on one of their blog posts so having a strong online relationship to your audience and people in your industry is really necessary.

When building relationship in your industry, there are some ways that you can do to make this possible such as:

Participate in Social Community – Talking to people in your industry through social channels can help you get to know them, add their social accounts or to easily identify their needs.

Create social pages for fans and followers – Giving them a place where they can see your social updates can also help you establish your social presence. More importantly, this can help you keep and maintain your visitors with the current updates in your business or industry which will make them feel important and connected to you.

Build Your Authority and Trust

One important factor that you must now forget when promoting a website is to build trust and authority to your website. Because it is definitely hard to sell or convince someone to buy or subscribe to your news letter if you never provided any value in your industry. Also, it is really hard to compete if no one believes of what you’re saying or doing to help the people in your industry, so authority and trust are both important aspects in digital marketing.

Building trust and establishing authority in your industry will take time as you need to be seen everywhere by your audience such as social, forums, comments etc. But in this section, I will only mention the ones can help you gain high quality links which may pass authority to your domain.

Guest Blogging – Regular content contribution to other websites in your industry can help you increase your visibility, exposure and can drive traffic to your website. This can also help you build authority to your presence as being featured on high ranking websites in your industry will surely give your website a lot of credits.

Blogger Outreach – Contacting bloggers in your industry can also help you give exposure to your website. By being featured on higher ranking blogs with strong social and readers’ engagement will surely increase your presence and drive traffic to your website.

Bloggers often write about content for their readers, so if you can recommend a topic that they have not covered yet with your content being recommended to be used as one of the featured references is the best way to get inbound links to your website.

Interview Request – Being interviewed by people in your industry preferably experts or leaders will surely pass authority and trust to your website. This can also potentially drive visitors to your website that can convert into clients as experts and leaders always get a lot of attention from people in your industry, exposure is only one of the benefits you can get from this approach.

Analyze Your Competitors’ links for link opportunities

Looking at your competitors’ links may also give you a hint where you can obtain high quality links. In this way, you can identify what sort of link building they are practicing to get their links. You can also figure out if they have links from trusted domains by search engine that you may also acquire.

To do this, you will have to use at least one of the following major SEO tools for link checker to get the links of your competitors. Unfortunately, these tools are not for free and in order to use this full feature, a paid subscription is required for better functionality.

  • OpenSiteExplorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
Using these tools, you can also identify negative links that your website has acquired and can potentially affect your website performance. So if you have competitors that are automatically building low-quality links to your website, you can run a quick link profile audit to discover these links.

Broken Link Building

Another one good way to get high quality links for your website is to look for broken links that you can find on websites in your industry. This method may be time consuming but the links you can build through this method is sexy.

However, looking for broken links on websites can be difficult but you can still manage to look for potential pages with broken links through different approach such as:

Advance search – To filter the results from search engines, you can attempt to use some queries that may help you find pages within your industry that may have broken links. This can help you filter out the results only related to your search terms.

Sample of a query:

Real Estate Resources inurl:links

The process:
  1. Create a list of Top pages in SERP for keywords you’re trying to rank for
  2. Look for broken links in their website
  3. Contact the webmaster saying that you have discovered on their website a broken link and suggest if they could replace the dead link with your link

Having a link building plan before you start your campaign on how you will obtain your links can definitely help you save time. This can also help you avoid getting low quality and irrelevant links which can damage your website in the long run. In this way, you can help your website get to the top of your industry and at the same time, build relationship, authority and trust on communities in your industry.